Friday, November 23, 2012

Stockings and Ornaments

I decided the stocking I made for the Stocking Swap needed a little extra umph so I added a scalloped border at the top and finished it off with some black ric-rac and then added three random buttons on his/her belly.  Now, it is perfect and ready to go to it's new home.  I still need to finish up some pillow cases.  I don't know why I can't seem to get in the mode to make some of those.  I will try to buckle down tomorrow and crank out 4 or 5 sets.  Oh, wait, I know why I haven't made any yet, I need to wash some fabric.  I don't like to make pillowcases from unwashed fabric.  It just doesn't seem right, you know.  When I get a new pillowcase I want to use it right away and if it's not washed, well . . . then I am not happy I have to wait a few hours (days) to get to use it.  So, I always wash the fabric I use to make pillowcases so if the person receiving it wants to sleep on it right away, they can.  I guess that means I need to put in a load of fabric in a little bit. 

In the new Crate and Barrel magazine mailer I recently received are some of the cutest little penguin , gnome and snowman ornaments.  They are all knit and so cute.  I wanted to make me some right away.  However, I don't knit.  So, I drew up a pattern for the penguin - still working on the other two - and made me a prototype penguin.  I grabbed the two purple batiks off the stack of freshly washed - see, I do wash fabric from time to time - purples and cut out a penguin.  I got him all sewed up and realized I had forgotten the feet.  I drew, cut and sewed him some feet and he looks so cute!  His feet need to be a bit bigger, but that's the only thing I needed to change.  I quickly cut out, sewed and stuffed 4 more in the more traditional colors of black and white and voila!!!  a bevy of penguin (or whatever you call a group of them) ornaments.  I put "hair" on a couple of them and all of them have hangers.  They are ready to be hung on the tree and one of them is going in my box for the Stocking Swap.  This is a much better ornament than the one I previously decided to use. 

While I was stuffing, I decided to stuff this owl doll.  A few years ago I designed this one and made up 4 or 5 and sold them all.  I had this one along with a few others all cut and ready to go, but didn't finish them in time for the bazaar/quilt shows that I sold them at.  I could have sold the pattern if I had it printed up and ready to go.  Maybe this next year I will do that.  Anywho, this one is ready to go to it's new home wherever, whenever that might be.  I still have one or two more that just need to be sewn around and stuffed.  Just one more thing to work on this weekend.  

It sure has been nice being off this entire week.  Not doing much, staying up as late as I want, not having to be anywhere at any specific time, it's been great!  A much needed rest from the hectic whirlwind that has been my life for the past month.  It should start to slow down a little between now and Christmas (only 5 or 6 things happening between now and the next vacation in less than a month - not bad for this time of year!)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Whirlwind that is my Life

I know, I know - it's about time!  LOL  I know I haven't been on here in quite awhile.  I have been busy, sick, busy and busy!  As most of you know, I teach culinary arts in the high school.  We have a restaurant there in the school and are open about 2 times a month.  Since I have been on here - way back in October - wait, let me check the date - October 24th - we (my students and I) have assisted with helping with our local Taste of the Permian Basin.  This is where the restaurants (okay, I had to respell that word three times and several others in this sentence a couple of times, also - what is up with my typing tonight? I know, it's been awhile and the fingers and brain aren't working together, yet)  ANYWAY,  (sometimes I can get so sidetracked LOL) Taste is where the local restaurants set up booths and offer "tastes" of their food.  There is a cost to get in, but once you are in, you can eat to your hearts content - or your stomachs discontent whichever comes first.  (I meant from being full - not from anything else.  My students and I go early that morning and help set up the decorations and tables for the preview party (companies purchase tables for their employees/customers to go and enjoy).  This year we were there from about 10:00 that morning until 9:30 that night!!!  I was exhausted!!  to say the least.  It was a long night.  Due to the shortage of employees here in the basin, one company sent food, but the culinary students from my class and the two Midland culinary programs helped to man that booth.  It was a great experience for my kids.  It was sad that so few of my students were able to make it that night.  I know they have other commitments and their life is busy, but with 2 months notice you would think they could rearrange everything, I know, they are teenagers.  Oh, well, they missed out on the fun.  Maybe next time they will pay better attention. 

A couple of days later we assisted the Chuck Wagon Gang in prepping food for the Merry Market (a junior league extravaganza - with shopping, meals, shopping and food!)   We assisted the Gang last year and they asked us to come on board again this year, but with more assistance.  We prepped and served appetizers for  300, assisted in the dinner for 750 and prepped and served and cleaned up for the luncheon for 950.  (no, those are not exaggerated numbers.  There really were that many there and after making 1200 fruit kabobs, 1000 cups of pink fluff and decorating 1000 cupcakes, I would know).  This was over a 3 day period of prepping and serving.

 In between the two events I was sick, sick, sick.  I was home for two days (plus the weekend) and I tweaked my knee.  (actually I did the knee thing before the Taste event)  After x-raying it the doctor told me to stay off of it and keep heating pads on it.  I just laughed and told her everything I had to get done before Thanksgiving and told her to get me well.  She just smiled and said to stay off of it as much as possible.  I guess she understood that it wasn't going to happen. 

The rest of November - so far - we have had two restaurant openings.  One with only about 20 people and at our Thanksgiving feast we served 93 people.  Needless to say, I am ready for this week I have off.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I have the entire week of Thanksgiving off.  No cooking if I don't want (I already had my Thanksgiving meal at school) Nothing that has to get done - well other than feeding the dogs and - - nope, that is all that has to get done.  (I was going to say doing the dishes, laundry, taking out the trash, cleaning the house, etc., etc., but really truly, the only thing I HAVE to do is feed the dogs and they let me know when 5:00 comes around so I don't even have to set an alarm if I take a late afternoon nap - Doctor did say I had to stay off that knee, didn't she? LOL)

I haven't gotten much sewing in - when did I have the time?  However, last night I did design and make up one complete and 4 partial penguin ornaments.  I am going to finish the other 4 today, but I may just have to go take that late afternoon nap right now.