Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I just love Martha Negley fabric

My mother sent me a video on a new to me technique courtesy of 24 blocks.  You can check it out here:  I wanted to try this out, but I didn't want to use my 10 inch squares that I already have slated for another project.  I also didn't want to cut any 10 inch squares - that would require too much thinking on what fabrics to pull, where do I plan on using them - 5 or 10 inch squares, etc.  Tooo Tooo much thinking.  I wanted a simple fast project to distract from finishing another project.  (which is why it was in a box/tub to begin with - I got distracted)  I received some 5 inch white squares from Missouri Star - okay, I purchased some more fabric and these were the gift for purchasing a certain amount - I had to do it.  I needed these for this project.  Okay, I didn't know I needed them for this project when I purchased that fabric, but the universe must have know I would need them and therefore made me purchase all that fabric.  Okay, it wasn't allll that fabric.  That sounds like there was a lot of fabric purchased.  There wasn't that much.  Only some charm packs (on clearance), a jelly roll - that is getting made into a jelly roll race quilt this weekend, some extra yardage to go as borders for the race quilt.  (side track here - have you seen the new aged muslins by Marcus Brothers?  that is what I am using to make the race quilt.  I can't wait to see this one made up!  go ahead and check them out.  I will wait here) 

Oh, good, you're back.  Don't you just love them!!  I can't wait to get started on this quilt.  In the meantime, I made this little one using the above technique.  Like I said before, I used the white squares along with some pink Amy Butler squares that were previously cut up and waiting to go into the 5" tub.  I then pulled out some 2 1/2" squares from that tub and in just a few hours I had half my blocks done.  In a couple of hours the next night the other half were done and the top pieced together.  I thought I would leave it like that, but decided last night to add a border.  I auditioned several colors when this green screamed at me to try him.  I did and magic was made.  It brings out all the green in the little squares and because it's a complementary color to the pink, it makes it shine!!  I then went on a hunt through the drawers for a final border.  I just love Martha Negley fabric.  Her fabric and Kaffe fabrics have always been a couple of my favorites.  Oh, you want to see what I am rambling on about?  Well, look

It's a small quilt measuring only about 23 inches or so.  (it's not square, but I think it's about 22.25 X 25.25 or something like that.  It was late last night and I can't remember)  See how that green just pops some of those blocks?  The coloring on is a bit off in the picture, but it still looks great.  The squares came out about 4 inches for the pink ones.  The white ones were 3 3/4" so I had to trim up the pink ones to match.  I don't know why the white ones were smaller.  Maybe because they were machine cut and I cut the pink ones. (differences in rulers?)  Anyway, now I need to cut a backing - not sure if I want to use my Martha on the back of this one or save the rest for a future project - and then get it quilted.  I will definitely have to machine quilt this one due to the seaming in the blocks.  It's a bit thick when you sew them like this, but like the lady on the video says, it's a fast method. I can't wait to try some of her other quick quilt methods.  Show me what you do if you use this method.  I would love to see it and be inspired by you.