Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Blocks from an E-Bay Win

Got a box from an e-bay purchase I made.  I put in a low amount - because that is all I was willing to pay, thinking that they shouldn't go for lower than that amount and expecting to be out-bid, but I won!  I think there are 18 - 18" blocks in my favorite pattern (may not be 18" - I can't remember and I didn't measure them and I don't want to go do it right now, so we will stick with the 18" for now). 

They are all hand pieced and really nice.  They smelled like they had been put away for awhile - not bad, not musty, just kind of an oldish smell.  I have sprayed a bit of febreeze on a few and they are sitting out in my studio airing.  I haven't looked at all of them, but the ones I did look at seem to be in good shape.  I can't get to them yet since I am working on another quilt that I played around with last Saturday.  I only have one more seam to go to have it finished.  But, since I am yawning a lot and heading off to bed, that is for tomorrow's list of things to do.   We had a storm roll through here dropping rain in a hurry with lots of thunder and lightening, so of course I was snuggled up on the couch with the scardy dogs this evening and didn't get anything accomplished.  (I tried doing some stuff in the kitchen, but kept tripping over dogs, so I moved back to the couch and they were happy)  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Busy Cooking Day

I is only 1:00 and I have accomplished so much!  I knew this week that I had to cook a lot of different things since I participated in the Bountiful Baskets last weekend.  (okay, I was lazy over the weekend and didn't cook - I just prepped and put things away for this week)  Here is how my morning has gone:
  • Went to sleep at 12:45 a.m.
  • got up at 6:0 0a.m. (one hour before my alarm was to go off and even though I tried to go back to sleep, it only lasted about 5 minutes. So, I got up)
  • took the dogs outside (Fiona first by herself and then I got the others out - she is shy and doesn't like to go with the boys out there - silly girl)
  • fixed a cup of coffee, heated up a blueberry muffin and cut up a peach and sat down to breakfast.
Kind of like a twitter account, huh? 

  • Decided to get started on all that cooking I needed to do.  Put in the frozen pie crust to cook
  • cut up, mixed up everything for a Quiche. Baked that
  • cut up an onion and threw it along with some rosemary and thyme into a dish with some small white potatoes.  Cooked them about 30 minutes and decided I really wanted them sliced instead, so I sliced them up and put them back in the oven.  (they are really delicious!)  Oh, yes, some EVOO, S and P. - I totally forgot the garlic, but they are great anyway.
  • Before the potatoes were due to come out, I sliced up a red onion, some tomatoes, an orange bell pepper, some garlic cloves and a couple of carrots. Dumped them in a dish along with EVOO, (don't you love Rachel Ray's short cuts?) rosemary, basil and thyme (all fresh) and turned down the oven to slow roast these for a couple of hours.
  • Oops, forgot that while the potatoes were baking I mixed up a pink lemonade pie and put it in the fridge and mixed up the rest of the lemonade in a pitcher to drink. - into the fridge for it, also. 
  • Got out the hamburger patties I got at HEB on Sunday - wrapped them up in packages of two each and put them in the freezer, cleaned up the cabinet around the George Foreman grill - also cleaned up the grill itself, then I cleaned behind the Kurig and the side of the microwave and . . . anyway, got on a mini roll there - cooked two hamburger patties, added the last two slices of Swiss cheese - from the quiche batch, put those on top to melt down. 
  • sliced up an avocado and pulled some fresh Romaine lettuce for my hamburger - "toasted  couple of wheat berry bread slices in the George and fixed me a lunch hamburger.  DELISH!! 
  • Put away the extra patty that I cooked for a later meal, pulled the tomatoes out to cool off before I pulverize everything together for a pasta sauce. 
  • Watched some Price is Right, Ellen a little of the Chew and some World Cup Soccer along the way! 

WHEW!!!  It has already been a busy, busy day and I am not even half way through!  Sorry there are no pictures.  As you all know, I am the worst at remembering to take pictures.  You will just have to use your own imagination of what everything looks like (and smells, like - Hmmmmm,  garlic, onion, rosemary, basil!  That is what my house smells of right now.)