Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cherry Cream Coke!!

Another two weeks have gone by without a post from me. I have got to get better. I come up here - my computer is on the second floor - with the intentions of blogging and then get sucked in by the games! OOOOHHHHHH the games!!!! Tonight, I can't play the games until I blog. (my rule tonight) so, here is today's blog posting.

Those of you that know me, know that I am a frequent visitor to Dairy Queen during their 1/2 price drink happy hour(s). I love - okay, that little bitty "love" just doesn't cut it. Let me try again I *****L O V E ***** (better) me some cherry lime diet coke. It took awhile before they could get it right every time I ordered, but after a couple of years, the oldies already know what I am going to order. Some days when the line outside is way to long, I will go inside to get my "fix" and the drive thru window girl will look up, see me come in the store, make my drink and have it ready for the counter girl before I even order. That is how dedicated - I mean addicted - to the DQ cherry lime diet cokes I am. Anyway, getting back to today, I left school and made my way to my favorite DQ (hello grandview DQ) and there is a tremendous line. I am car number 8 from the speaker and after sitting there for three minutes and not moving - I and 4 other cars (6, 7 and 9) are on the street - I decide that I will go to Target, get some stuff and head back later for my drink. Didn't happen. I spent so much time (and money) in Target that it was way after 5 and the drink specials are over. Even though I love my drink, I am not always willing to pay the big bucks to get it.

Okay, fine, I will go home, eat leftovers and drink water. It's better for me and I really need to start drinking more of it. I come out from Target heading home and realize I am close to Weinerschnitzel. Right then I decide that I had leftovers for lunch and I want a corndog. You know what goes well with corn dogs? Well done onion rings from Sonic. Still planning on drinking water I decide that if I am going to eat all this bad for me food, I might as well order a cherry coke - I don't like their cherry lime diet cokes - and the order taker asks if I want cream with that. WHAT!! I grew up drinking cherry cream cokes. When I first moved to Odessa, nobody - I mean NOBODY - even knew how to make a cherry cream coke. When I would order it, they would just say, "What?" Like they had never heard of them before. "What?" I got tired of hearing that so I would just order a cherry coke and a small ice cream cone and mix my own drink. (that was how Mr. Burger used to make them - with real ice cream, yum) I grew weary of having to mix my own,(plus if you don't drink down enough coke before adding just a bit of the ice cream, you will have a nice foamy mess in your car)so then I taught the people at Walter's how to make them for me. Those workers all quit or weren't at work when I would go by to get a drink and I was stuck either mixing my own or going without. I went without. UNTIL TODAY!! I am sitting here with my cherry cream coke, remembering the good old days of riding my bike to the Dairy Mart in Idalou, Texas on a hot summer day and drinking a delicious cherry cream coke.

Now if I could just make it upstairs with my camera next time so I can download pictures of my retreat and classes with Gwen Marston. Look for that in upcoming blog posts I will try to make it sooner than two weeks.

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  1. I'll have to try some of your drink combos! They sound tasty :-)