Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rambling about the Weekends

I vended at the Midland Quilt Show this weekend and I am TIRED!!  I went to bed early last night and have slept most of the day today.  Part of it is due to my allergies.  They are bad and have been bad since last weekend when I went to the Ogallala Ceta Canyon retreat.  Something up there in Happy/Canyon triggered my allergies and I haven't been back to normal since.  It could also have been the carpet in both places - retreat and vending area.  Neither one were exactly clean.  This weekends carpet was filthy!!!  I have taken another round of allergy medicine and am hoping I don't have to do a third round before I go to bed.  I just hope I have enough tissue around to keep me from having to use my sleeve. LOL 

I am in the process of unloading my car from this weekend's fun.  I took out all the stuff that I store in the garage - tables, boxes, etc. when I got home last night and have put off taking out all the fabric bolts until now.  I have hauled up 4 loads of bolts into the office where I keep them and have at least 4 more loads - probably 6 loads - to go.  I am taking a "sweat" break - sitting in front of the fan and typing on the computer waiting to cool down some before going back down the stairs to get a couple more loads.  WHEW!  It's hard and tiring work, but I need to do it so I can fill my car tomorrow with groceries. 

Both weekends have been wonderful and productive weekends and have been a lot of fun re-uniting with old friends and seeing what wonderful quilting work everyone has been up to in the past year or so.  These women are super talented and inspiring. 

I really enjoyed vending near the Lovington ladies and getting to know them.  I always love what they bring to Ogallala and after going to the store this summer on our shop hop, I can't wait to take a class there sometime soon.  I am hoping my friend,  who moved to Lovington this summer and shall remain nameless at this time, and I can get together at the store and enjoy a wonderful class and time to be together quilting.  I know she has always wanted to quilt and what better way to get her involved than to make her take a class with me.  I probably should have said encourage her to take a class, but I will more than likely have to make her take the first one so I will leave it that way for now. 

Okay, it's time to head back down for a couple more loads. 

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