Monday, September 1, 2014

Kaffe Blocks and Angry Birds Pillow cases

I received two more blocks in the mail this weekend and now there are 8 total.  Since my sewing machine is in front of my design wall, it makes it a little hard to put up the blocks so please excuse the wonkiness. 

They are looking really good together.  I think I will sash them - at least a small sashing to break them up a bit since there is such a variety of fabrics going on there.  I worked on a couple of things in the studio today.  I couldn't really settle down and get busy in there. The only thing I got finished were these super cute Angry Birds pillow cases.  A friend of mine had to go to Carlsbad to pick up a package she had won in a recent shop hop so another friend and I tagged along.  This cute Angry Birds fabric was calling my name and just had to go home with me.  I pulled fabric from my stash to finish the cuff and flange and I think I may have to put these on my bed tonight.  OR I could save them and give them as a Christmas present for someone special.  (I have no idea right now who that special someone might be, so more than likely they will be making an appearance on my bed in the near future.)  

I did get the blocks all sewn from another project I started at our last quilt in and purchased some more fabric in Carlsbad to make a border and back for an almost finished top, so those hopefully will be making an appearance on the blog soon.  Now it's time to get in bed since I have to be up early for school.  Having Labor Day so soon after we start school, really messes with my head and system.  It would be so nice to be able to sleep in tomorrow, also, but alas, that is not to be. 

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