Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Summer is about to Hit the Fan!!

Okay, no picture of the grill. Although it was a nice big grill and trailer with a metal awning so you don't have to stand in the sun to grill your burgers, it wasn't anything really outstanding, awesome, unique.  You have just looked at the picture and gone, "that's a grill, nice".  See, no wow factor. 

The lunch went well, except for the wind blowing the plates and napkins around.  It was only about 85 to 90 while I was out there around noon for lunch.  We had 3 awnings to keep the sun off our bodies, but you couldn't stay out there for to long or you would completely melt.  It felt really good coming back into the building to cool off.  Needless to say, not liking the heat much, I wasn't outside all day.  I also had classes that I had to take care of.  Next year we will do it before the 100 degree temps start clocking in.  Yesterday we set a record high of 106.  Today, it is supposed to be 110!!  Thank goodness for central air conditioning.  I am going to a ladies luncheon at my friends church.  I know what I want to wear, but I have got to find that little black button that fell off the shirt during shipping.  Thank goodness I found it in the packaging,  Now if I can figure out exactly what I did with it.  I thought I left it on my dining table which means, since I couldn't find it this morning, that Taegan might have eaten it thinking it was leftover crumbs.  I know he has been up there a few times lately since my stack of mail has gotten knocked off 2 or 3 times in the last month.  Plus, I came down the stairs and he was laying on top of the table.  I don't know how he gets his fat little body up into the chair to even get on the table, but he does. 

As soon as school is out I have the weekend before I start one of my summer jobs of working for a local restaurant.  I spoke with the owner on the phone yesterday and he said he was going to start me in the kitchen.  That probably means I will be washing dishes for a couple of days.  Which is totally okay.  This is supposed to be a quick 4 week immersion into the restaurant business.  I have to go in next week to find out my schedule, what I need to wear and fill out all the paperwork.  I will be working two weeks there, then I start summer volleyball, my other summer job, going to family reunion, the food expo, culinary educator's school, more summer volleyball, another two weeks working at the restaurant, finishing up summer volleyball, maybe going to see my friend get her 40 year teaching award in Dallas and then a day or two off before starting back to school.  Sounds really busy, but I also have to put in there somewhere, quilting, reading, cleaning the house and garage and mapping out the next school year and what I really want my students to learn.  WHEW!! That is a busy, busy summer.  I am so glad that I am not going to have to go back to school early, because I don't know where I would fit that in!  Well, gotta go find that button and get it sewn, put some rollers in my hair to make it pretty and get ready for that luncheon. 

I spell checked this post and it says I misspelled trailer and yesterday - what?  I have it spelled exactly how spell check is trying to make me change it to.  I don't think it likes that I had already corrected those words right after I typed them wrong the first time.  It also doesn't like my dog's name, but that one I know it hits every time. 

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