Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winner and Life, but on to the next 100

Thank you to everyone that commented (or tried to) to my last post.  It seems that a couple of people had a hard time posting a comment or either didn't want their comment available for public viewing, so they e-mailed me personally.  Thank you for that.  So, since they took the time and trouble to actually find my e-mail address I couldn't leave them out of the count, but I don't know what number they would be, so I couldn't do a random generator to pick the winner.  Hmmm what to do?  The next best thing of course, old school! - literally.  I wrote out all the names on slips of paper and had one of my random students - he had come up to my desk to get some lotion, that means he volunteered to be the chooser.  I jumbled them all up over and over again and told him to pick one.  He studied them carefully - they were all folded and he couldn't see any names - he asked what it was for - he knows that I have them, on occasion draw for jobs, recipes, seats, etc and wanted to make sure this was a fun drawing, meaning that he wouldn't be stuck washing the dishes - after getting all the information I was going to give him - just draw one, it's for me. for my blog. for a giveaway.  JUST DRAW ONE!!!!  He finally came up with one that he deemed would be the winner and the name that he drew ...... drum roll please.......... Ellen!  congratulations you are the winner of this fat pack: 

I still have your address in my e-mail files - yeah for keeping the good old e-mails - and it will be on it's way to you tomorrow.  Congratulations!  This was fun.  Be on the lookout for more giveaways in the future.  I won't wait another 100 posts before I have the next one. 

Now on to my life.  School is winding down and finals are here.  Am I ready?  NO!  Do I have my final made out?  NO!  Do I have to give one tomorrow?  YES!  Okay, it's only one student so I am okay with not having it completely finished.  I can give her the practice test as her test, it doesn't have to be the same as the rest of the class. She is my only senior in a class of predominately sophomores - yes, feel very sorry for her, she has put up with a lot this year

Since our district is trying something new this year and having the seniors in the afternoon classes take their exams early (6 days counting weekends and Memorial Day) I won't feel bad if I don't get another exam typed just for her. 

This is me telling myself that it will be okay and won't be a problem.

Okay, I think I may do that.  I will try and get the other exam finished tomorrow morning, but if I don't, I am okay with that. 

I know, I really should be typing it right now, but it's almost my bedtime and I don't want to go downstairs, out to the car and get my thumbdrive and the practice test, come back upstairs, plug in and start typing.  Just too much work and not enough night ttime left.  You are also asking, why wouldn't you get it typed in the morning?  Well, we are hosting lunch for about 100 tomorrow and it is being run out of my kitchen.  I am not cooking - thank goodness  - but all the "stuff" is in my restaurant/kitchen/refrigerators.  We are having hamburgers cooked out on the grill.  Not just any grill, but one made by our welding classes.  It apparently has it's own trailer so it can be hauled around.  It apparently is massive.  They say it is larger than the last grill they made and it was almost the size of a Hummer.  It was made to resemble a train and had a bell inside of the cab.  Really cool.  I will try to remember to take my camera with me tomorrow - and new batteries - and get some pictures.  The welding teacher is coming over to cook, our other foods teacher has had her students cutting tomatoes and onions and baking some cookie - she knew I was busy so she didn't ask me to do anything and I am sooooo glad.  I will help her set everything up tomorrow morning.  Okay, she totally cheated and used store bought dough, but it's the end of school of  everyone.  We are all busy and having this lunch was a crazy idea, but it will be a fun time. 

Busy?  Whatchoomean busy? 

Well, in the last three weeks we have done a dinner for 21, lunch for 16, a retirement party for 200 and today, a breakfast for 16.   Plus, I only have two more days to get everything washed and put away for the summer!!  (tomorrow is included in those two days!)  I am hoping I don't have to sweep, scrub, squeegee and mop the entire kitchen by myself along with washing and putting away all of those dishes.  That is one reason I am totally okay with using the practice test as the real test and not re-typing the entire thing.  There is just tooo much to do in one week especially when three days of that week we are not even in school.  whew!  Busy, busy, busy!

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful fabrics. They arrived yesterday and I love the colors.