Monday, April 2, 2012

just a little bit

I know, I really need to be posting more, but here it is already 11:30 and I neeeed to get into bed, but for you, (and me) I am posting.  Just a little bit.  Of course, once I start typing, I might just ramble and ramble.  Even though I haven't been on here posting, I have been busy.  Well, just a little bit.  The Ogallala Festival is coming up and I am teaching two classes and giving a lecture.  Plus, my friend Kathy and I promised ourselves that if we purchased the challenge fabric packets this year (we were definitely NOT going to do that - but you know, the fabric spoke to me and so I force Kathy to purchase a packet) anyway, if we purchased the packet, we would for sure, for sure enter a quilt into the show.  So, since I made her purchase a packet, she has made me finish my quilt.  That is one of the things that has kept me busy the last couple of weeks.  (not that I worked on it everyday)  Now, I am glad to say, it is finished.  Well, almost, I still need to put the label on it and maybe embellish it a bit more - maybe not and then kind of try to block it out.  It doesn't hang as straight as I would like it to hang.  I would show you a picture, but I don't want anyone seeing it until it hangs in the show.  I took a picture of the edge, but I haven't downloaded it yet onto the computer.  Haven't done anything on the home computer much the last week.  I just came up here to play a little of my games - they got stuck, again - and to post this little message letting you all know that I am here, but tired and going to sleep soon. 

The next couple of weeks, I thought were going to be smooth and easy, but today, I got a phone call booking us for a brunch and a cater out.  Now my smooth and easy, just got a little bit busy.  Which is good for us.  Tomorrow we start cooking for a bake sale we are having on Thursday.  (just another thing I threw in today for the fun of it)  Signs, announcements and lots of baking of the goods.  It all begins bright and early with a trip to the grocery store for me.  Got to get in bed now! Have a good night and a great day tomorrow.

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