Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mostly about school stuff

The table runner is quilted and the binding is attached, but I just need to hand sew it down on the back side for it to be a done, completed, marked off project.  Thank goodness, that one was fast and painless.  I will post another picture when it is totally completed. 

Today was the last day for the restaurant to be open for the year.  A little glad and a little sad.  Everything turned out great, even though the guys were slow and tedious about their food and were totally focused on getting their items done and didn't help out until they were finished.  We really could have used their help since I had 4 girls out sick!!  Oh, well, life goes on and Kaylee did an amazing job as waitress to ALL the tables by herself.  At one point she had 4 small tables and a large - 8 top table!  She was amazing! 

Now, all we have to do is finish cleaning tomorrow, finish up making the chicken salad for Saturday, prep for the banquet for 100 people next week, take finals and oh, yes, clean, clean, clean!!!  It will still be a busy week and a half of school.  It's coming up a whole lot faster than I expected.  If I hadn't said yes to the last two things, we would be done except for the cleaning and finals part.  This is what I get for being nice and helping out friends and co-workers. 

It's getting late and I am tired.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get into the studio to work on some round robins. 

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