Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I just got in my splurge package today.  I have been waiting a couple of weeks for it to get here and it finally has arrived!!!  What am I talking about?  guess - no not really, I hate when people do that to me.  I usually end up saying something outrageous or the first thing off the top of my head.  Which 60% of the time is a correct answer and then they get mad at me for knowing their big secret.  So, I won't do that to you.  I splurged and ordered some fabric from Spoonflower.  I had designed some fabric a couple of years ago on there and I always get their e-mails about their fabric contests.   Robert Kaufman has set a challenge for the next fabric designer and they are down to the the top eight designers.  I was reading the posting about one of the designers, Heather Dutton, when I saw the most wonderful fabric.  Of course I like the fabric that she entered into this contest, but the fabric that the bag in the blog posting was made from is - me singing here- wonderful!!  I wanted some of that fabric.  So, I decided to get me some.  At $18.00 a yard it is a big - big splurge for me.  Me, who very rarely buys fabric for full price, wanting one yard for what I usually get 4 or more yards for?  YES!!  I splurged.  Not only did I purchase that fabric, but I purchased several fabrics.  I was on a roll!!!

Do you see the fabric with the large 0's?  That is the fabric I wanted to begin with.  The two fabrics to the right were also in her collection so I purchased them to go with this fabric.  Then scrolling through the Spoonflower website, I found this wonderful letter/number fabric that just called out to go along with these other fabrics.  It may or may not make it into a quilt with them, but I really love the modern look and the colors - chartreuse, citron, charcoal on a gray and white background - wonderful and crisp.   However, It needed something else.  So, off to through the website for another color to help bring these all together and give it another pop.  How about some salmon? 

It has some of the that same green, some charcoal and now some pinks and salmon.  OR what about adding this one?  Sorry I don't have it all laying out together so you can see that this one works, also.

A soft salmon color and those dark charcoal grays.  This one is lovely in person.  Again, those letters.  I have always been drawn to letters like this on trays.  Whenever I see them I have to touch them and run my hands over the top of the entire tray and pick up several of the letters feeling them (okay, fondling them).  There is something wonderful about it.  That may be why I was an engraver off and on for over 12 years.  I was drawn to those trays of letters that - oops, spill if you aren't really careful.  I have spilt the tray of metal letters a couple of times in those twelve years. Back to the fabric.  Since I was going to splurge, I might as well get some of the fabric that I designed. 

It also has some of those same colors, chartreuse, charcoal, salmon, but it also has some design flaws that need to be worked out.  You can't read all the saying since some of the blocks overlap each other.  Then when you reverse it, the lettering is reversed - oops - you would have thought I would have seen that on the website before I had it printed out, but no.  I was too wrapped up in the fabric.  Oh, well, back to the drawing board.  The last fabric that I got by Diane Fraser, does not go with anything else I purchased, but it was a recent winner and it just kept drawing me back to see it over and over again, so I purchased a yard of it, also.

Each bird is about 8 3/4" tall and are in a dusty chocolate brown on a pale blue background.  Simply gorgeous.  I don't know what I am going to make with this one either, but like I said, it kept calling my name so I had to have a yard of it. 

All of this fabric is printed on Kona so it has a wonderful feel weight to it.  I will wash them this weekend so if sometime in the middle of the night I decide to make something wonderful, it will be ready for me and whatever project I dream up.  

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  1. beautiful fabrics
    It is nice to splurge now and then....good for the soul I say! You picked some great fabrics.
    I enjoy reading your blog. I don't always have time to leave comments, sorry! I know I love to have comments on my blog!