Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stocking Swap - June

Hello everyone!!  Sorry this posting has come so late in the month.  I have let it slide and now the month is more than half way over!  I can't believe that it will be July in a little over a week.  Amazing how time flies.  If you haven't started already for your stocking swap item this month - it's a bag.  It can be any size or shape or have any kind of handle you want (or even not have any handles).  Your choices are unlimited.  I have posted pictures of several different bags I have made in the last couple of years.  A lot of them were inspired by bags from other blogs and tutorials.  Enjoy and have fun this month making a quick and easy bag!

A little Jenny bag to hold my phone cord in my purse.

A fabric re-make of a gift bag that desperately needed to be replaced!!

My version of a cheap bag I purchased, but that bag was made so cheaply that it didn't hold it's shape and collapsed upon itself, so I had to make a sturdier bag using Timtex and upholstery fabric

Just playing around with scraps.  I gave this one away filled with baby items 

Large Jenny bags.  This is a fun and easy pattern.  You can make your own "handles" or use ribbon.

Friendship bags from P. S. I Quilt blog

Larger version of a friendship bag made using leftover fabrics from a quilt.  Now the quilt has a bag of it's own!

Just playing around with some scraps.  this is a tiny little bag to hold business cards.  I guess it's not really a bag, but it could be made into one.  Just here to give you an idea!

Another version of a large friendship bag made with scraps for a quilt.  It even has the quilt top in the bag waiting to be quilted.  (It may even have the back in there, also.  Now if it has the binding, I am all set to go.

My friend, Kathy's bag.

Another quilt bag.  Leftover Honeybun strips.  The quilt in this bag is from a pattern by Quilt Dad that he posted on Moda Bakeshop. 

Well, just a few bags to get you started on ideas.  Hope you have fun making bags.  Just remember, if you make extras, then you will have gifts already made to give at Christmas time and won't feel rushed in the months of November and December trying to get gifts made.  

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