Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Stocking Swap

We are halfway through our Stocking Swap for 2012 and you only have 4 more things to make.  This months project is a stocking.  You can make this any way you want.  You could purchase a pre-printed stocking and quilt it up, you can create your own or you can even purchase a pre-made stocking.  Whatever your heart desires.  Here is a link on Moda Bakeshop for one stocking pattern.   There is no need to make an oversized stocking that will hold every item we are making this year.  Just make a regular sized stocking.  Like I said once before, my bicycle never fit in my stocking, so not all of our gifts will fit, either.  I have made a couple of stockings over the years, but don't have pictures of them to post.  Bummer.  Of course, the stockings I made were made long before we started blogging and taking pictures of everything.  Even before digital cameras!!  I do know that I used either a Thimbleberries or Debbie Mumm pattern from one of their earlier books.  I found this wonderful snowman stocking on clearance at Tuesday Morning and want to make a couple of these in modern fabrics. 

This one is made of wool.  Sorry it's all wrinkled and laying over a stack of  finished projects, but you get the idea of the size, shape and character of the snowman(snowlady?).  I can't wait to get started on this project this month!  Hope all of you are finishing up your previous swap projects and getting ready for the downhill slide into December. 

We only have the following items to make:
August - ornament, September - journal cover and pen, October - potholder
And then November and December we add in a book, some candy and nuts and we are ready to ship off our packages!! 

The only item I have to go back and re-make are the matching pillow cases.  I gave away the ones I made for the swap and now I have to make some more.  I will make several pillow cases since I really enjoy giving them for gifts and I don't have any in my gift closet ready to give.  I love sleeping on my made pillow cases so much more than on the store bought ones. 

Now that I have the month of July with virtually nothing on my list except three more weeks of volleyball and a couple of quilt classes, I can sit and sew most mornings cranking out some items for this swap and Christmas gifting.  

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