Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stocking Swap

Second Post of the Day!

I can't believe it is the middle (okay - 2/3 through the month) of October.  If you haven't worked on your potholder for the swap - you need to get on it!!  Not really - you have one more month to finish things up, but if you are like me, the year just gets busier and busier.  That is why I put for November a book - something you don't have to make and December - candy and nuts.  Again, something you don't have to make (unless you want to make something special)  By now, you should have most of your sewing wrapped up (I still need to make some pillow cases from March since I gave those away)  You can start gathering your items together and if you are like me and made more than one item each month, decide what goes in the box for this swap and what goes as Christmas gifts.  I will be calling for names and addresses soon from everyone who is participating in this swap.  If you can sew really fast and get it all together by the end of November, come join in on the fun!!  It's not too late.  Just go to this link - Stocking Swap - and start sewing. 

I have posted some pot holders before, but it has been awhile ago, so I will post some I made for this swap.   
OOPS!!  that is the only one I could find that I have a picture of.  It may just be the only one I have.  Now, I am the one scrambling to find out if I have made anymore pot holders.  If not, you all know what I am working on tonight!! 

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  1. That owl potholder is too too cute!! I just finished my journal cover. It's been so much fun creating so many different gifts, can't believe the year has gone by so fast!