Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally the Spider Web Quilt

I finally took my quilt tops and camera up to school to get some pictures to post.  I can't get a full pic at my house so I have to have my students hold them up.  Let me tell you, this was an ordeal trying to get one picture without all the heads sticking out around the edges.  Even though it looks like there is only one person behind this quilt, and there is only one person holding it up, there are also 5 guys who thought it would be funny to stick their heads around the edges or over the top of the quilt.    It took four tries to get one without heads!!  this is my spiderweb quilt.  It really is as bright and colorful as the picture shows, but I didn't realize the green bits in the border were sooo bright.  They don't normally jump out at you like that. 
I loved working on this quilt and have a similar paper pieced quilt in the planning stages.  I haven't done much more than pull fabric and get the paper ready.   This one just needs a back and binding and it is ready to quilt.  (like so many of my tops - they also just need back and binding)  I have been asked about the green background.  I really like this color green.  It is a Kona, but I don't know the color off the top of my head.  I had it a fairly large piece of it when I first started this quilt way, way back.  It kind of has an old fashion look and feel to it.  I used a similar, if not the same color, as a background for hearts about 20 years ago.  (that quilt is quilted and has been used many times) There is something about the color that just pulls me in.  (who knows, it might be the same fabric left over - I don't think so, but you never know)

This next one was fun and fast to make up.  I got the directions from a quilt blog, but can't remember which one.  It was only for the middle section blocks, but the directions I wrote down didn't make any sense, so I just started sewing pieces together. I need to go back and re-read her directions and  I might revise it before I give it to anyone else.  I had some fat quarters I picked up at Tuesday Morning that were just sitting there so I jumped in and made the cuts I needed from the directions.  (I still have one strip left over)  Then after sewing it all together, I picked up some Kona that was also laying around (really need to get on cleaning up the studio) Added a wide border of it (2 1/2" strips) Then with the leftover FQ pieces I cut 6 1/2" strips X width left.  Sewed them all together and added them on.  I really like this quilt and the girl holding it up (by the way, got this in one shot - the boys weren't even ready)  said this one was her favorite.  I am going to make the backing from the rest of the FQ's and the extra ones in that set that I chose not to use. 

This is what happens when you leave your camera on your desk.  Random pictures of students.  I also have one on my cell phone that I just deleted.  At least my desk was relatively clean. 

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