Saturday, January 26, 2013

January's Therapy and Traverse

I often do things and think, I need to blog about this.  As you can see, it doesn't always happen.  It has been 24 days since I last blogged and tons of stuff has happened in that span of time.  School started back up for the semester on the 8th of January.  Not much new to report with that except I did re-arrange my classroom because I was supposed to get 6 new students into my largest class and needed a different seating arrangement to fit everyone in.   Thankfully only 2 of them have stayed with us.  Sometimes the counselors don't pay attention to the fact that my class is double blocked - it takes up two class periods.  So, since they don't pay attention, the students sometimes end up with two classes one period.  Since that can't be done and usually the other class is a core course, my class gets dropped.  Which in this case was a blessing, because 22 in the kitchen is a lot to have at one time - can't imagine adding 4 more in there.  That then becomes a safety issue, in my opinion. 

Okay, school has started, we have already had one vacation day - yeah to President's Day, which is not a legal holiday, did you know that?  I learned that on one of Ree's (Pioneer Woman) quizzes.  I always thought it was a legal holiday.  You can learn a lot by taking some of those quizzes.  Speaking of which, her last Nerd Word Quiz was really, really tough.  We have had our first Quilt-In for the year in our Bee Friends Quilt Group.  We have had several new people join us for the coming year and we are so excited to be growing and adding new members.  Kathy and I are gearing up for our annual quilt retreat at Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp.  We already have 15 signed up and paid and a couple more that have said they are going to join us.  It will be a great time with Gerrie Hollowell teaching the quilt class.  She is our second guest teacher in about 8 years.   Usually Kathy or I teach the quilt so it will be fun having someone else teaching this year.  I am working on the menu, making changes almost everyday due to dietary restrictions.  We have about 4 diabetics attending this year and I need to be sure I have enough protein for them and not too many carbs and sweets.  I know I won't be able to please everyone, but I hope to have food there so everyone can have something to snack on if they don't like or want what is being served. 

Two weeks ago, I purchased a new car.  I wasn't planning on buying one right now, I thought maybe later this year or next year would be a good time, but things just fell together and now I have a car payment to make each month - yuck.  However, I have a gorgeous 2013 Chevrolet Traverse that will (hopefully) safely get me to all the places I need to go in the next couple of months.  I have been kind of researching a few different cars for the last year - more so the last few months - in the hopes of car shopping sometime next year.  I hadn't planned on buying a new one, but - like I said, it all just fell together.   This is not normally me, but it just felt right.  I haven't taken it out on the highway yet, haven't even driven to Midland, but it drives so smoothly I sometimes have to check to make sure I am not speeding, that would be bad.  Wait, I take it back.  I did drive it a little way on the loop when I test drove it so I have had it up to 70 once.  Even though I had wanted to go to Lubbock sometime soon, my first "long" trip will probably be to Mitre Peak.  Last thing about the car - even though it's been two weeks of driving in town, I have yet had to fill up the gas tank.  Matter of fact, it's still over 1/2 full!! 

As some of you know, back in October I tweaked my knee and have been wearing a brace on it since Halloween.  I finally made it in to the doctor to get it checked out again - it had been doing better and I was kind of doing my own re-hab on it- I know I should have gone during the holiday, but I hadn't met my deductible for last year and if she was going to send me to get an MRI, I wanted it to be on this years deductible so it would benefit me in the long run.   Bad news!!! I had taken off school - my director told me to take off just in case the doctor wanted to send me to other places, then I would be available - I get to the office and my doctor had a family emergency and wasn't in.  They asked if I wanted to re-schedule or see someone else, so of course I saw someone else.  He turned and pulled and checked out my knee and decided that I had tweaked it (see I told you guys) and that I should start in on some Physical Therapy.  So, that is what I am doing.  It is feeling so much better, but the bad news is . . . the afternoon before my first therapy session I was feeling a bit cocky and then I stepped wrong and something in that calf muscle popped.  Two therapy sessions have passed it doesn't hurt as bad and then yesterday there was another popping!  This one was sharp.  I went to our school nurse (after that class was over) and she put an ice pack on it (already swelling up) and then wrapped it.  The wrapping helps it a lot, but now, I am having a hard time doing my knee exercises at home.  I am calling the doctor Monday morning before therapy to see if he wants me to come in - again.  Bummer.  It seems like I can't win with this. 

Well, this is quite long enough, but I have done a little bit of sewing.  That will have to be the topic of the next posting.  Maybe even later tonight after I find some batteries for the camera and do a bit of sewing.

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