Saturday, January 26, 2013

School Restaurant

Our restaurant at school has had a face lift.  Before our Thanksgiving buffet, the outside was painted, the old "awning" was painted and lights were attached and the pieces were hung on the wall.  Before Christmas, the sign back piece was cut out by our wood working class and painted pink and hung on the wall by our maintenance man.  Since we have been back from Christmas break, our Graphics Arts class assistant has printed, cut out and hung our logo - that she designed for me and the maintenance man has painted the door frame to finish off our look.  I sent a couple of my students to take a picture for a new recruiting poster and thought you all might like to see what it looks like now. 

You can see inside the blank wall that is just calling out for a painting or two or three.  I really need to work on that part of the restaurant, but am okay for now with the blank wall.  I haven't found the perfect pieces of art and had planned on painting something this summer, but never got around to it since I was such a big bum.   (I am not an artist, but may can do something abstract) I thought about having a couple of my students do something, but wasn't too impressed with their artwork when we were trying to decide how to paint the outside wall.  (the plan was to go with an orange brick color with some blues and greens swirling through, but that got shut down fast - not by me - I liked it).  Below is a close-up of the signage.  This is copyrighted so no stealing of the pictures or design!!!

The reason the frame is wavy like this is because inside the restaurant, there are two frames this same size and two skinnier ones that are vertically on the wall.  They are also this color pink and right now have a turquoise paper in the middle.  Someday soon I will find some cork to put in the middle turning them into a bulletin board.  I want the dark brown cork from the 70's but may have to get just generic cork and paint it dark brown.  I haven't done it yet because I really want that chunky dark brown cork.  Below is a picture of what the board looked like at Christmas covered with wrapping paper.  To the right are the three shelves with knick-knacks I picked out to decorate the shelves.  It's always fun to see the random things on the shelves from a wire pig to a green birdhouse to some over sized jacks.  You can also see a green stool on the table.  I have three of them, a dark green, a light green and a red, that I bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago to help give some height when we do buffets.  They have really come in handy.  I even used them when we served at Merry Market.  (They were on clearance and were called garden stools.)  

The picture below is of the two skinny wall boards.  We were just putting out some of the food when this picture was taken.  Our fashion design teacher comes in and decorates the tables for us.  We have a different color theme each year - last year was peppermint or red and white.  This year was more nature inspired.  The Christmas trees (large and small) are mine, I just bring them and she puts them where she wants them and decorates them.  Unfortunately the big tree is not a lit one and we really didn't have the time to put lights on it (see the picture above) but since we weren't going to turn out the overhead lights, we really didn't worry about it, much.  (Also, nobody even mentioned the fact it didn't have lights - guess the table had enough lights)

Some of the food is out in the picture below and everyone is eating and visiting, listening to some Christmas music and having a Merry Mingle time!!  (The guy in the kilt is a teacher at NTO and his students were doing a project over Scotland so he and a couple of his students wore their kilts that day.)

Fun was had by all and it was all down and put away before we left for the day.  It sure comes down a lot faster than it goes up!  Our wooden dining table was out where the sign is now, covered with ornaments made by our fashion design classes and chocolate covered spoons made by our Lifetime Nutrition classes.  These were party favors for our guests to take home and enjoy.

I told our fashion design teacher that I had a little lime green tree and a larger pink tree if she wanted to use it next year - we will see.  LOL  (since then I have also picked up small turquoise, purple and silver trees!! can't wait to decorate next year)