Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I have been working on

Here are a few things that I have worked on the last couple of weekends.  Below are my blocks for the Blogger's Block of the Month.  I have sashed them and set them on point.  Now to figure out how I want do some borders for these.  I actually did two sets of blocks when I was making them planning on putting them all in one quilt.  The others use the same fabrics except they have a green and white print background.  I thought I liked them better, but seeing this picture, I kind of like this quilt.  I may have to pull out some turquoise to add into the border since that is what is jumping out of this quilt at me.  Now that I look at it, I could have made my life easier by just adding the pink border last instead of adding it to each section as I went.  That was crazy!!  It also has a few areas where it isn't straight so I will even it up before I add the next border. 
I really like the picture of the flowers I have pinned to the design wall.  Someday I will make a quilt using those colors.  For now, it makes me happy to look at it.   Last weekend I worked on the above quilt, but since I was frustrated with the sashing deal, I mostly started working on the quilt below.  I really have never liked the trip around the world quilts.  They don't really do anything for me.  However, when I kept seeing everyone making these blocks and seeing how scrappy they were, I decided to join in.  I used Bonnie Hunter's tutorial, my box of 2 1/2" strips and just jumped in.  Eleven of the twelve blocks were finished on Sunday.  I made the twelfth one on Monday.  I guess I have realized that I don't like the precise placement of color.  I think that is why I haven't ever liked the trip around the world and the intricate lone star quilts.  Now that I have done a portion of both of these and done them scrappy, I may try some other quilts that I don't really enjoy.  No, one of those will NOT be a sunbonnet sue  quilt.  I still do not like that one. 

I have one fabric that is in there twice, but it's a pale, pale fabric so maybe it will be okay.  Who knows, I might have several fabrics in there more than once when it is totally finished.  I am hoping to make more of these blocks in the near future. 
The last thing I have worked on tonight is my challenge quilt for Ogallala.  I have known what I wanted to do since I got my fabric pack back in April of 2012, but haven't gotten around to working on it until now.  (Actually I printed out my patterns last weekend).  Below are the fabrics that were in this years pack.  There are 4 of them and as soon as I saw them, I knew what I wanted to make.  I have been collecting pictures all along and last weekend finally decided which one I wanted to turn into my pattern.  I can't show you anything, but I have some of it done and will continue to work on it in the coming weeks since I have to have a picture of the quilt (it will have to be just the top for now) and get the entry paperwork postmarked by February 22nd.  I am pushing to have everything done by the 19th - well, maybe except for the final quilting and binding.  I should say, I am pushing to have the top finished so I can mail off the paperwork by the 19th.   It will be fun to see what everyone does with these fabrics.  I have already added the minimum of what I had to add, now to see if I need to add any more fabrics.  (I can add up to 4 total)  My plan has shifted somewhat from my first thought, but it has shifted to add more to it than I had previously thought.  My first thought is still a major part of this quilt.  I know I am being cryptic and I can't wait to share with you all what I have done so far.  I guess I need to take pictures of the process for a later posting.  Yes, I think I will go do that now before I forget.   What are you working one? 


  1. I like the pink and teal quilt but I really like the Trip around the World scrappy quilt. You have been a very busy bee...can't wait to see what you do with the challenge. I love the fabrics!
    I am working on getting my "bug" quilt finished.

  2. I love the colors in your Blogger's BOM. I worked on mine this weekend too, but I am not ready to post a picture. I was short of fabric for my sashings...I have to buy fabric so I can cut ONE more 2.25"x8.5" piece. Is that crazy or what? Looking forward to working on our bee together. I am anxious to get started.

  3. I like both of your quilts. I'm up to 3 TATW blocks and I'm loving mine. It is such fun.

  4. I would like to say that these are looking so great Ii got many new ideas and will apply on my quilts thanks.