Friday, February 1, 2013

Feeling Old and out of date

Okay, computer problems, yet again.  When I was home sick on Monday, I must have done something horrible because I deleted my Internet Explorer.  I don't know what I did.  So, on Tuesday when I go into school, there is the tech guy and I tell him what I did (deleted Internet Explorer) and he just smiles and says, "you can't do that."   Okay.  "Just go back into your programs and re-check it and you will be all good."  Tuesday night, I go in, re-check that program and . . . I have no Internet.  I call my service provider to see if they can re-set and still no Internet.  He transfers me to an HP tech person, we go through all the steps and then he tells me he can no longer help me because my computer is "obsolete".  WHAT ???  It's not that old.  It should be able to be fixed.  Well, it probably is 5 or 6 years old, possibly a couple of years older, but it shouldn't be totally obsolete. 

thank goodness I have a laptop that I got last year when I was having problems with this computer (yes, I had done something else to my computer, yet again) So, I plug it in and charge up the battery - don't use it as much as I should - then I plug in my Internet - don't have the router hooked up - and start typing to tell you all about being obsolete and I hit something and erase it all.  So, I start all over telling about being obsolete and how I must be old because I can't figure out how to get back what I had accidentally erased earlier and . . . hit something and totally erased everything I had typed. 

UGGGG..  I must be the thing that is obsolete.....So, I guess I am going to look at desktop computers this weekend.  Maybe some young tech person at Best Buy can help this old geezer out with a new fangled contraption so I can keep communicating to the world. 

(by the way, I am on my school computer - I do know how to work it) 

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  1. I can not believe that these computers get obselete so quickly My lap top is a little over a year old and still working pretty good..
    I often hit some stupid key that erases stuff...very frustrating. I hope I never erase my internet!
    good luck with getting a new computer. I only have a lap top but I am thinking of getting a desk top computer this summer.