Friday, August 9, 2013

Rib Update and a New Project

I have been to the chiropractor twice and to my regular doctor once and now, I think I am on the road to recovery.  It's going slowly, but I can tell (only because I haven't had that ripping pain going through my back) that I am on the road to recovery. (okay, how many times can I say road to recovery?)   My ribs are back in place, even though there is apparently a cranky one that doesn't want to do what it is supposed to, and I am now on major pain reliever and muscle relaxer.  Nothing is broken. but apparently I have strained, sprained or tweaked the muscle in my back and between my ribs.  Don't ask how I did it.  I am not 100% sure.  I do know that I am a lazy dork and I could have done anything (breathed wrong, reached for a stack of fabric, bent over to pet a dog) and it could have happened.  It could also have happened when I fell tripping over the baby gate about a month ago.  (I can't even remember when I did that, just that I did it sometime in July)

This morning I wasn't going to take my medicine, but the pain kept getting worse so I gave in and whew!! It hit me for a loop.  I was sitting at the table, drinking my coffee and trying to read a book, but I was totally in a spaced out place.  It was weird.  I wasn't sleepy - which is how I have felt the last couple of days taking this medicine - just loopy (I guess that's the best way to put it.  Think 16 candles sister at her wedding, but not as out of it.  I wasn't jumping at flies or stumbling around.  I just felt like it)  Since I couldn't concentrate I decided to take my coffee upstairs and - you guessed it - get on the computer.  LOL  I have now played all my Facebook games and uploaded the picture I took yesterday and the loopiness (I know, not a word, but I am going to use it anyway) has dulled.  I am now able to type and form complete sentences.  (At least I think I am doing that - time will tell when I read this back or one of you reads it and lets me know that I am not totally with it)

Here is a picture of what I have been working on the past few days.  I found the 1/2 square triangles that I used for the middle blocks in a box of fabric - most were already sewn together.  In the same box of fabric was this cream print that I used for the background.  I put together the center square and then decided to add the sawtooth border around the outside.  Now, I am playing with the other 1/2 square triangles and trying to decide what to add next.  I only had a fat quarter of the cream print, so it's not going to go very much further and I am going to have to add in some other fabrics.   I have thought about adding a solid cream fabric and then appliqueing (fusing) some flowers and leaves like the cream print.  Don't know if that would look good or not. I may need to add something else first. 

I may put it on point, now that I have it downloaded and am looking at it again.  Hmmm.  I think I will go sit in the studio and look at it for awhile or at least until The Price is Right is over and the hiccups that just arrived have all gone away.  Have a great quilting day.  

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  1. I hope you are better soon. Loopy isn't good, but neither is pain. On another note, your block looks great. All those little pieces, and it looks nice an square.