Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Price to Pay for a Sneeze

About 5 years ago I popped out one of my ribs with a hard sneeze and thought I was going to die.  I was at school, siting at my desk during my conference period and AHHCHOOOO.  I almost passed out and started sweating the pain was so intense.  After conferencing with the school nurse - who I called to come to my room since I wasn't sure I could walk across the building without passing out -  I went to see my doctor.  She said that I must have pulled a muscle and to put some heat on it.  Heat felt really great and helped alleviate some of the pain.  I had a chiropractor's appointment later that week I debated about cancelling it, but decided to go anyway and told him about the pain and the pulled muscle - he gently probed my back and side and he told me it wasn't a pulled muscle, I had a rib popped out of place.  He popped it back in (pain) and then - - no pain.  It was amazing.  All the pain went away.   Well, I think I have done it again.  The pain is not as intense as last time, but it hurts to cough, sneeze or bend.  I will be calling the chiropractor in the morning to try and get in tomorrow.  I am hoping he can put me back together again, because I have a lot planned for this week and have got to get moving!! 
Last week, I decided to do something with some 4 patches that have been living on my cutting table for quite some time.  I have moved them out of the way so many times, that I finally decided to "play" with them.  I didn't know exactly what the final results would be, but I dived in anyway.  At first I thought I might put them together in a 16 patch.  Then I decided they needed sashing and cornerstones.  So, I cut up some cream fabric that was waiting to be put away and pulled out my box of 1 1/2" squares.  (HA - everyone that has thought I was crazy for having these little bitty squares - this is why!)  I sewed and sashed those little squares and decided that it needed a really wide border (6 1/2") I originally thought of a dark blue border, but when I auditioned a few fabrics, it wasn't clicking.  Then I moved on to a medium green - it looked better, but I couldn't find the right one - at least not without a bit more digging in the drawers.  So, I put it away for the night and the next morning decided it needed a yellow.  Yep!!  That's just what it needed. 
That looks great, but it needs something else.  I didn't really want to add another border, but couldn't put my finger on what to do.  A couple of days pass and then today, I suffered through the pain, cut into the border and put in a 1 1/2" strip (pieced together from my box of 1 1/2" strips) 

That was it.  Just what it needed.  a little more color carried out in the border without overpowering the entire quilt top.  DONE!!  Now to make a back for it ASAP before it hangs in the closet or lays folded up on the floor for the next 10 years like some of my other tops. 

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