Sunday, November 3, 2013

Savings Time Woes

Ahh, Daylight savings time.  I love having an extra hour of sleep.  I love having an extra hour to put off posting my grades in the computer. LOL (and using this posting to put it off even more)   I love that it happens in the fall when it is cool outside and I can snuggle under the covers for that extra hour.  Okay, not a complete hour since my dogs didn't get the fall back one hour memo. They have a built in clock and "know" when it's time for me to be up and "know" when it's time to eat.  HOWEVER. it is going to be a tough time re-teaching them when dinner time is now that we have turned back the clock.  We go through this every year!  Why is it they can't re-set their internal clocks?  They do a great job of it in the spring.  We don't have any problems in the spring, they turn their clock forward one hour, but the fall?  Nope, they don't do anything then.  So, for the next few weeks, it's going to be early "bark-up" calls to get me out of bed and it's going to be early barking and pouncing on top of me and licking me in the face and barking and more barking until I give in and get them some food at dinner time.  I am going to have to work them gently and slowly back to the correct dinner time 15 - 20 minutes a day.  Okay,  I guess it's time to give it up and post my grades and quit griping about daylight savings time.  Why can't we just cut it in half and fall back only 30 minutes and call it quits?  Sounds good to me. 

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