Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wonky House Block

For the next Bee Balm block, Janet requested wonky houses.  I knew I needed to get on this sometime this week and since I can't decide on a border for the retreat quilt, I set to making my house.  I pulled scraps from the tub and got to work. 

I wanted the turquoise fabric for my background, but could only find it pieced together with the darker blue fabric either in half square triangles or in a 4 patch so when all the dark blue got cut off the left side of the block it made an appearance on the right side.  So, I say the sun is setting and darkness is creeping in from the west. 
I really like Janet's idea of a wonky house quilt.  I can't wait to see what she does with all her blocks.  


  1. This is really cute Nathalie! I love the little wonky house quilt I received from you, it hangs right by my craft table.

  2. Love your house block Nathalie-need to get mine started. Your block is in the mail-thought I had already posted it then found the envelope still on the table-sorry!