Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilt Retreat

Our quilt retreat was this past weekend at Miter Peak near Alpine and Ft. Davis, Texas.   We had the largest attendance that we have ever had, 17.  That doesn't sound like many, but it is almost at capacity for those facilities.  We could have a larger retreat if we wanted to rough it a bit more, but at our age, who wants to do that?  We all like the convenience of having an indoor restroom in our building and not have to go outside and down the trail a ways.

I taught the disappearing 4 patch made famous by the Missouri Star Quilt Company in both the magazine and YouTube.   My mother had seen the quilt in the magazine and when I was contemplating what to teach at retreat, she told me about this quilt over the phone.  She did such a great job describing it, that I was able to make a couple of blocks that night.  Then I went on YouTube and saw the video and confirmed I was right on track.  My first one was made with only 50 print and 50 background blocks, because that is all the background fabric I had.  The print squares were from my box of 5" squares.   I added about a 10" border to make it much larger.

This smaller one is made with 6" squares and fabric cut off from a couple of quilts I had quilted this summer and some orange I ran across while cleaning out a box. 
The pictures I took this weekend are still on my camera and I haven't been home long enough to get them downloaded.  Hopefully I can do that this evening.  I am not sure how many I have, I was busy, busy, busy at the retreat and don't remember taking a ton of photos.  We  had one person there and I may have to get her to send me some pics for the blog.  

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