Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stocking Swap and a Bit More

What little time I have been spending in the studio lately has been spent on just playing around and finishing up some finds, re-arranging things to make it more user friendly and getting finished projects out of the room and somewhere else.  It hasn't helped that I still have sick brain that can't stay on task or think of the next thing I need to do (or say) However, I do want to share with you a couple of finishes.  Below is a mug I found at Tuesday morning a couple of months ago and just fell in love.  I couldn't wait to make a mug rug to go along with it.  The background on the mug is that lilac color (can't really tell in this picture) so I knew I needed to make my house block about that same color.  Then I just used scraps from the scrap pile to make the house. The mug rug is a little on the large side, but that way the lucky receiver will have room for a cookie or muffin to go along with her coffee/hot chocolate/tea.  Unfortunately this is the only mug rug I got finished for the month of January in the Stocking Swap.  Hopefully you got more done for Christmas gifts than I did.  However, the beauty of this swap is that I have all year to get everything finished (at least 11 months) and I have picked up 4 more mugs that I want to make rugs for to have on hand to give as gifts this year.  So, stay tuned for that.
The February Swap item is a pillow cover for a 14" pillow.  I will have to just show previously made pictures here because we all know how busy I have been since school started back January 7th.  We have had at least 3 restaurants, 2 caterings - one large, out sick for almost a week, preparing for competition plus regular teaching - I know I have had more going on than this - oh, yes, recruiting for 2 of the 6 Junior highs, one snow day, I have been out at least 7 1/2 days and we have only been in school 21 days.  My calendar has something written on it for every day in January and almost every day in February!!  I have stacks of work my students have done when I have been out that I have to grade and I don't know when I will have the chance to even sit down to grade.  I was at Sam's and HEB about 6 times just last week and by tomorrow morning, I will have been at HEB 3 times this week!!  You would think I could have only made one trip, but no.   Some things have to be purchased the day of or they spoil too fast and that is a waste of money.   Okay, I will quit rambling about that.  I am not griping.  I love my job and what I am doing right now, but it sure is hectic.    Okay, pictures of pillow covers:  Here are a few I have made in the last year or two.  This first one is not a finished picture, but trust me, this one is completely done.  All of these have envelope backs on them so I can easily slide in a pillow form and switch them out if I want. 

The one below with all the triangles is a slightly larger than 14 inches, but I wanted to include it in the show to give you some ideas.

What I finished up tonight is this little beauty.  I am teaching the disappearing 4 patch quilt at my retreat in a few weeks and one of the ladies texted me that she accidentally cut her squares 6" instead of 5" and wanted to know if she needed to cut them all down.  Of course I said no, leave them.  Then I cut some 6" squares and put them together so I could see if it needed slightly larger cuts to make them disappear.  Yes, I did cut them 1 1/2" away from the center seams and then I added a couple of borders and you get this little gem. 

The blue background fabric is leftovers from a quilt I had quilted.  The same with the top left orange.  The lighter two oranges and the border were fabrics I uncovered when I unpacked a box that has been sitting in my little alcove at the top of the stairs.  And, just because, I added in the darker orange fabric in the lower right corner that I pulled from the gray/orange/green wonky log cabin box of fabrics.  That was pretty quick and easy to put together. 
Now, I need to just finish projects that are due this weekend (actually last month, but it didn't get done) and get my room back together again.  

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