Monday, February 7, 2011

Miss Fiona Lake/design wall monday

Here is the newest addition to our growing family. This is the one that my neighbor brought to my house thinking it was one of mine. It wasn't at the time, but since I have had her a couple of weeks, I have seen no evidence of an attempt to find her, she came without a collar and has apparently been well taken care of up until now, she is now mine and has the name: Fiona Lake. I have always named my dogs with a first and middle name. Her middle name is because she was found over here by the lake. I have found that she really doesn't like to have her picture taken. I would call her name and she would turn her head away or tuck it under the pillow! These are the best two that I had that weren't blurry from her turning her head so fast. Our Miss Fiona is a bit camera shy.
Below is a picture of my two other shi tzus. You can see why my neighbor thought this one was one of mine. She looks a lot like my Irish and when they are walking side by side, even I have a hard time sometimes telling them apart. She is fitting in great with all the boys and is even teaching McCallum, the yorkie and the baby of the bunch , to mind his manners.

Here is what I have up on my design wall today, Monday, January 7, 2011. I am working on my le petite challenge for February. I have all the center blocks done and sewn together and I am currently working on the borders. I am not sure if I want to do the same as everyone else, so I am playing with scraps and trying to figure it out as I go along. I also miscounted and made an extra block. I thought I was being so careful, but I guess making one block ahead of cutting out the rest, threw me off. I can't decide whether to put it in the corner of on the back. I will have to see after I play a bit more. I am going to finish this one earlier since last time I almost missed the parade. I was putting that final border on the last day of January. If you saw my quilt in the parade, you will notice that Sinta took my picture from my blog with only the three sides attached. It really looks better now with all four sides. To see more design walls on this Monday (or any day) just go to Judy's blog and check it out.

P. S. Dinner was great out with my friends. We had a lot of fun at Johnny Carino's for our monthly get together. There was gossiping and good times had by all!! I now have a new favorite for Monday nights. Their family platters are on half price and I got food for several, several meals for less than it would have cost me for one. I love a bargain!!

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  1. Trying to read the last of the 2/7 design wall posts I find your lovely new puppy and your great stars. Both are wonderful.