Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spam . . . Food or Friend(s)?

Spam Box? Blogger has enabled spam detection for comments and I should look in my spam box. hmmm. This begs the questions, "Is this box blue with yellow letters?", "Does it have a winter home in Hawaii?", "Can I mix it with potatoes and onions for a type of hash that I can smother in ketchup?" sorry, got a little carried away there. It was bringing back childhood memories. With 4 growing kids, my mother had to find nutritious and filling meals on a budget. That was one of our favorites. Believe it or not it was good. (I can't believe I said spam and nutritious in the same paragraph)

Okay, I will look in my spam box, if I can find it to see if I have any other comments from all of you that I might have missed.

On to the reason for this posting, I know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to know if I had to go to school today or not. The answer is ... yes, I had to come to school today. :-( Before you feel too sorry for me, remember, that I am going to have very few students today due to one high school keeping all their kids on their own campus for testing and since it is cold - bitter cold for us since it was 70 yesterday and today it is currently 17 degrees with a wind chill way, way below that. (probably into the single digits or below - I haven't looked lately) We have had a touch of snow, but it is very dry since we haven't had any rain or moisture in over 48 days (I live in the desert - ie: wasteland) until last night. (got sidetracked) Anyway, since it is so cold, a lot of people here won't go out in the cold. Some of the students that did come to school today came in with only a sweat jacket on - NO COAT!! No gloves, no hat. (Sweat Jacket - a jacket made from sweatshirt material that has a zipper up the front and a hood) I really shouldn't' say anything since I ran from my car to the school carrying my coat and sweater in case I get cold in the building. Silly girl. Almost time for my one student to arrive and yes, I am blogging from school today for the first time. Nice to know that I can, but it makes it hard to post any pictures since they are on my computer at home and un-accessable here at school.

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