Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wildlife at Mitre Peak 2012

Last weekend was the Kathy and Nathalie quilt retreat we hold annually (well, if we get our act together that year) at the Girl Scout Camp in Mitre Peak.  As always, we see lots of cattle and wildlife while sitting in our large, well lit room, sewing away.  This year was no exception.  While driving into the camp there were several cows sitting beside the road (I am on their property so there aren't any fences).  But since I took lots of pics of them last year, I didn't want to take any more this year.  However, there were tons (okay 0 about 8) javelinas beside the road.  They are more fun for me to see and take pictures of since we don't see them very often.  (In real life, usually we see them at least once when we are at the quilt retreat)  They were so close to the road that I didn't have to use my zoom to get great pics of them.  They started to walk away as soon as they heard the window roll down, but just driving through didn't seem to faze them. 

Here is a picture of Mitre Peak as I was driving in.  It was a cloudy day and this picture almost makes it look like it's an active volcano!!  It's not, just lots of low clouds hanging around and giving it that hazy look.  It was really more beautiful than this picture shows. 

Saturday morning as I was going to my car, these Tom Turkeys were out in the side yard between our house and the barn.  I watched them the entire way to my car and they kept coming closer and closer to me.  I got a little frightened the closer they got that they might try to attack me.  Nope, they just set up camp behind my car.  I don't think they wanted me to leave.  They truly are beautiful when they flare out their feathers.  It makes a ruffly sound when they do that.  We observed them later with their "girls" and they would ruffle their feathers to get the girls to move where they wanted them to move. 

Quilt retreat was a lot of fun and I got a lot done.  I would show you everything, but some of it was part of a challenge and I can't show that yet.  Another part was a quilt that needs two borders added.  The rest was an ongoing project that will need to be finished by April (at least the top needs to be finished)  I hope to get it completely done during Spring Break.  Come on Spring Break!!