Saturday, July 28, 2012

Union Jack Block (with edit)

Last night I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic games and decided I had to make me a Union Jack block.  I had seen many tutorials on blogs so I thought it would be easy to find those tutorials again and make me a block.  After 30 minutes of searching the blogs I finally found a tutorial that made sense and was simple to follow.  I didn't want to make the traditional flag so I chose my colors and fabrics so it would not have a traditional flag appearance or would be considered a part of any country.  I wanted a "neutral" modern look to this block.  Since the tutorial had three different fabrics plus the white, I also went with three fabrics.  Here is my block:

In making this block, sewing the white strips to the fabric takes the longest time, but that could also have been because I cut two strips of each color and 8 of the white strips (which is what I thought the directions said to do) Now, since it only took one strip of each of the stripe colors, I have two strips left and I am going to make another block or two.  I think I will change up the background color a little or maybe make one exactly like this and then make two blocks different from this and set them in an AB/BA pattern.  Who knows what will come out of it.  I am also working on my 16 patch quilt that needed a few more sashing strips.  After sewing the star points onto the strips last night I started sashing the remaining blocks I have and they are a bit off.  I am not sure what I have done wrong, but I am totally frustrated with this quilt and can't wait to finish it off so I can donate it to our Hope house. 

(they have asked for quilt donations and I really was excited about making some quilts for them until one of the directors said they would be giving them away to anyone that wanted to take one.  I thought we would be giving them quilts to be used in the house.  It makes it really hard to donate a quilt when the people you donate to really don't value them the way you think they should be valued and just haphazardly give them to anyone.  Makes me wonder why I should make a $200 or more quilt for them to just throw away like that and then expect me to make them another one.  Some people just don't understand the time and energy, much less the money that goes into making a homemade quilt.  I may have to go to a thrift shop or Wal-mart and buy them a quilt or two.  It will be cheaper and then I don't care if they just give it away.  They will be happy to get some quilts and I will be happy that my creation isn't just thrown away)

Sorry about the rant.  Just stating my opinion and my opinion only. 

for those of you wanting to know where I got my tutorial - here it is:

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  1. I know what you mean. People do not have a clue what it takes to make a quilt. AND the fabric is not cheap no matter where you buy it. I think your idea of buying a couple of quilts at WM is a good idea and you can give the one you made to someone who will appreciate it.
    My address is....LOL

    Just kidding. Can you post the link for that block's tutorial? I would like to try making it.

    I enjoy visiting your blog!