Thursday, July 26, 2012

Words to Ponder

Back in January, the crew over a Modern 8 Create had a challenge to come up with their word for the year.  I always have great intentions to challenge myself and do their projects, but I have yet to complete on of their challenges.  However, I still want to do this one.  (and I will finish the April Challenge since it just needs borders and quilting)  So, my thinking is that I could have a word for this upcoming school year.  The problem is, I can't think of or decide on the right word.  You know the feeling when you hear the word and it just feels right?  Well, I haven't had that feeling yet.  Of course as a teacher I want there to be "LEARNING" (Nope, doesn't feel right) and in my class there will always be something "COOKING" or "STEWING"  hopefully nothing will be "BURNING"  ha ha!!  I don't think I want an "ing" word at all even though it is an "ing" type of classroom.  Maybe I don't want a "classroom" word, but a life word, hmmm.  Maybe a word for thought.  Looking at the words that were chosen by the 8 women:  "TRUST", "FINISH", "TRY".  The only one that sorta fits is "try", but it's just not right.  My favorite one that would be totally appropriate for this situation is Glen's word:  "ALBONDIGAS".  It's a Spanish word for meatballs!  So, maybe my word could just be a random word that can be shouted when things don't go our way or something burns or is just not right!!  Let me know what you think and send me some words to ponder . . .

1 comment:

  1. the word I have been using lately is
    BAZINGA !!!
    it just feels right to say it aloud.....
    good luck finding the right word!