Saturday, September 29, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere

Woke up early Friday morning (4 a.m.) to rain that was coming down hard and was non-stop for at least two hours.  We got about 3.68 inches of rain before lunch on Friday. (according to our newspaper)  When I left my house around 8 o'clock Friday morning, knowing I would have to cross a couple of rivers to get to work, I looked out over the "lake" outside my house and saw that it was fuller than I had ever seen it.  I couldn't see the buffaloes at all!!  Water was about 2 feet from the fence and my house is an alleyway and a back porch from the fence!  The following pictures is what it looks like as of about an hour ago.  (11:00 Saturday morning)  I can now see both of the buffaloes, even though I can't see all of them.  I can see the sidewalk in front of them and even the sidewalk on the other side of the tree - couldn't see any of that yesterday.  (I would have taken a picture, but it was dark and cloudy yesterday morning, along with the rain still coming down.  You wouldn't have been able to see anything but water and maybe the tree shape)  The ducks are loving scavenging through the debris left after the waters have receded. 

The picture below is closer to my house.  This statue was mostly underwater yesterday morning.  I could see the chest and up of the boy in back and the heads of the other two children.  I have never seen it under like that before.  You can see all the trash and debris that were left when the water receded leaving the ground brown and ugly.  There is green grass under all that brown.  You might be able to see a couple of black ducks pecking away at the leftovers.  These small black ducks have been working hard all morning eating the bits and pieces before the mallards, geese and other brown ducks float over to grab a bite and then leave. 

Last weekend I was at the Ogallala Quilter's retreat and had a great time.  I left my camera at home so I don't have any pictures to share of the fun that was being had by everyone.  I finally got my piano key border on my spiderweb quilt - might get a picture taken of and posted by tonight.  I worked on the retreat project, disappearing 9 patch with a twist.  I like how it was turning out, but want to add more blocks so I still need to work on that and will post it in progress as soon as I put it up on the design wall.  My friends Kathy and Gerrie and I worked on another round robin (oh, yes, I added another border to mine) for a friend in our group whose robin went missing somewhere along the way.  We each had two rounds (well I only had one since I made the center square) so we finished that top as well and plan on giving it to her at our October quilt-in.  I HAVE to get my proposal for the classes I would like to teach at the festival done and in to the chairperson by the end of this weekend, so that is what I will be working on after a quick lunch.

 Just wanted to share a bit of my world here today and keep you updated on my quilting progress.  Got to get started on my list of HAVETOS, but it's so nice sitting here at the computer with the window open and the nice cool (64 degree) breeze.  Guess I will have to open the window in my studio after lunch.  OH, wait, my first order of business is my quilt proposal.  Guess I get to sit at the computer after lunch, too.  That makes me smile. 

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