Monday, July 7, 2014

Jenny Doan and The Stocking Swap

I had the opportunity to see and hear a trunk showing from Jenny Doan and then the next morning take a class from her.  For those of you who are not familiar with her, she is THE Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt tutorials.  Below is a picture of my sister, Paige, Jenny and Me in front of the quilt, Exploding Block, that she was teaching that day.  Thanks to the help of my sister, putting the fabrics together and cutting the blocks, we got a lot of blocks made and even started putting them together in rows, until we found one that wasn't completely sewn - oops!  After Jenny left at noon, we also packed up and headed back to my mother's to check on her - shoulder replacement surgery or she would have been with us.  I haven't gotten back to these blocks, but having my  boxes of 4 and 5 inch squares sure helped make this a fast and easy scrappy quilt top. (well, it will be once I finish putting it together)  Since I didn't use a layer cake, mine won't coordinate as well as hers, but it will be a fun and scrappy quilt top. 

Recently heard from another person wanting to participate in the Stocking Swap.  How are you doing on making all your goodies?  Me - horrible!  It was on my list of things I need to do this summer and I haven't made one single item!  Here is the list again for anyone - like me - that hasn't seen it in awhile.  Okay, I am not doing as bad as I had thought.  I am only 3 months behind.  I have bags already made that I can throw in the mix, so that makes me only 2 months - April and May to catch up.  Not as bad as I thought. 

January - a mug and coordinating mug rug
February - Pillow cover for a 14" pillow form (just the cover, not the form)
March - 2 matching pillow cases (for a standard bed pillow)
April - a pin cushion and a package of your favorite pins
May - 4 place mats
June - a bag - any type and size
July - an ornament and Stocking (Christmas in July)
August - a travel sewing kit
September - a journal cover and a nice pen
October - Pot holder (be sure to use insulation)
November - a book - reading or quilting doesn't matter
December - candy and nuts (no stocking should be without these on Christmas morning)

It's not to late to join in the fun and have all your Christmas gifts made by the end of OCTOBER!!! Everything doesn't have to coordinate - mine don't, but I do know that Kathy chose a color scheme for all of hers. Whatever is easiest for you, just join in the fun.  If you make everything and then decide to keep it all for yourself, that is okay, too - not as much fun, but okay.   

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