Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Liberated Quilt

Just finished quilting and putting the binding on my newest quilt. All I have to do now is flip and sew the binding to the other side and add a label. I think I will then throw it into the wash and see what happens. I don't usually do that, but on this quilt I think I will. It's a small wall hanging measuring about 18" X 24".

I saw a quilt similar to this somewhere in the blogs and decided to do my own version. I used wavy strips a la bumble beans and then cut the quilt apart, inserted a section and sewed it back together. That looked good, but it needed another strip going the other way. Then I cut the top right hand corner and added another 3 strip section and WHAT!! it didn't line back up. My deduction was that the insert was too thick for all the parts to realign, so I had to take it out and go with a single strip. Hmmm. Looks good, but it needs something. I know, I will use the 3 strip section I took out from the top right and put it on the bottom. I laid it out a couple of different ways and voila! The perfect balance. Now, all I have to do is square it up and quilt it. Because I used really, really wavy strips - probably way to wavy and if I do it again, I will not use strips with that much curve on them - this quilt needed a lot and I do mean a lot of quilting. I think there is one little bit of a section that is about 1 inch apart, but the rest is quilted around 3/4 of an inch or closer.

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