Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog, blog, blog

Okay, Ree in her blog yesterday (Pioneer Woman) said to blog no matter how you feel. Yesterday I knew I needed to blog and felt like blogging, but got sidetracked by reading all the blogs. Today, I am excited about blogging and I am going to come here first before I venture off into blog land to read what everyone else has been doing today. I finally picked the new colors for our restaurant at school. The top will be a color called "Key Lime Pie" and no, I didn't pick it because I happen to LOVE!!!! key lime pies. It just happened to be the perfect color. At about chair rail height, there will be a band about a cinder block width of a deep chocolate brown called, brown velvet. It is luscious! Then on the bottom of the wall is a turquoise color called twilight meadow. Together these three colors are dreamy! After it gets painted I will post pictures of the before colors (ugly brown and ugly maroon) and pictures of the new room. I am sorry I didn't take pictures before we took down all the gaudy ugly decorations, but I will post what the restaurant looks like once it gets its paint job and decor. It will be fantastic. I can't wait. Enough about school. That last class wore me out. Trying to take notes with a class full of chatty Cathy sophomore girls and one boy that seems to feel like it is his duty and honor to interrupt you every 5 minutes!! It was like pulling teeth with them. I am going to have to do something majorly different in that class tomorrow. The sad thing is that 1/3 or them don't plan on going into the food industry. They are just biding their time until they can be in cosmetology as a junior. Hopefully they can learn at least a little bit. I am just trying to make it through safety and sanitation.

One of the reasons I was so excited to blog today was that yesterday I got my new shoes!! (can't transfer picture, but you can go here) I started to wear a pair today, but my feet were calling out for some sandals. I was glad I didn't have them on when I hit my elbow on the side mirror of my car this morning spilling my coffee all the way down the front of me causing me to go back inside and change clothes. Let me tell you, it was a rocky start all the way around this morning. I got to our faculty meeting without my calendar, because I went straight from my car to the meeting (one minute to spare). Luckily I had a notepad and calendar in my purse and was able to transfer all the info to my other calendars. Next time we have a faculty meeting I will not be trying to get a little more shut eye as a reward for not having zero hour. I will just get up as usual and get to school early.

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