Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still Sewing on. . . ditto

Here is what I just posted on 15 minutes play.

When I went to bed the turquoise borders were 5 inches wide. The next morning I got up and thought that they were too wide and that was the problem. They swallowed the inside of the quilt. So, I folded them under to about 3 1/2" and voila much better.

Measure, cut, sew and I have borders all the way around that I am pleased with.

I unearthed some half square triangles left over from two different quilts and put them up on the wall. That is as far as I can go tonight. Notice that the pinwheels have temporarily disappeared. I know you all liked them in the border, but I just really felt that they weren't supposed to be there for some reason.

I don't like those half square triangles on there at all!! Even turning them around didn't help. This time I pulled a darker pink strip and added it to the side, but I miss-cut the booger - did I mention that I have the flu? that is why not much is getting done during the day and this top is taking soooo long. It's the pits to be on vacation with the flu, but at least I am working on a quilt. anyway, the dark pink border has been miss-cut so I put in a little pinwheel to fix it. then the outer border just came along with all those leftover 9 patches and pinwheels. I don't really like the fact that the pink strip pinwheel and the outer pinwheels kind of match up, but I am not taking it out or moving the strip. I can live with that.

If you have one pink strip you really need another one, so I put it on the bottom, it came attached to the orange strip from the stash pile.( Remnants from another quilt.) Since I didn't want it to go all the way across the bottom, it meant that I was going to have to unsew the right hand border, add another block and pinwheel to make it look like the pink just came in and turned the corner. I like it a bit off kilter like this.

Do I leave it or try to balance it out with something on the top and left? I pulled a black and white striped strip out of the pile and I don't want to say voila again, but . . . voila!
I thought I had a picture of that strip sewn on and trimmed up, but I guess I don't. I am thinking this might just be one quadrant of a larger quilt. It's only about 32" X 34" so it's small. I will start just playing with what I have left of my scraps. Yes, I unearthed some more and my pile is growing. They are calling for me to make more house blocks.

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