Monday, January 24, 2011

A Visitor Has Come Calling

My doorbell rings around 7:20 this evening and it is my neighbor. She is holding a dog that looks soooo much like one of mine, that I start counting heads to make sure they are all there. One, two . . where's the third? I look at this dog she is holding to make sure it isn't mine and . . . nope. Not one of mine. However, it looks so much like my two older ones, that it could be mine. My neighbor and I talk and since the night is really cold - if there were moisture in the air, we would be getting snow right now. It has been predicted, but no moisture - no snow. Or at least that is my take on the weather. I am not a weatherperson, so don't totally 100% trust me. (like we would 100% trust a meterologist!!) Anyway, long story short, her dog as passed, they don't have a kennel or food, I have both, the dog is staying the night with me. We went across the street to a lady that has some gray dogs, but they are schnauzers. I take little miss in the car and go down the street to a neighbor that has a dog similar to my Irish to see if they had gotten another one, but no, not their dog. (Great note is, I think I can talk them into taking her if we don't find her owners in a couple of days) The husband had to do a double take when he saw me with her in my arms. He thought it might be his dog, also. it really is weird how all 4 of these dogs - my two, their one and this one, look so very similar. So, I am the crazy neighbor lady with 4 dogs. No, I am not keeping all four.

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