Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First 12 X 12 Play Quilt

It's finished - well, almost - the only thing it still needs is a label. No, the picture isn't crooked, the house is. I did it that way on purpose. This is my 12 x12 for 15 minutes play. However, I think I made it 12 1/2" all the way around instead of 12". Oh, well, I don't think anyone will return it just because it's a little bit bigger. I had so much fun making this one that I may make another and then decide which one I send to my secret (from you and her/him) until it is time for all of us to mail our treasures. THEN, we get to see what our secret person made for us. I started this one before I got my person's name and can't decide if they will like it or not. That is why I may make another one and then at the last minute put one in the mail. I am lurking around his/her blog and think that this one may fit in with their house.

Believe it or not, I don't have any quilts on the wall. WHAT!! I know! Crazy, huh? I take that back. I do have a quilt hanging in my front entryway from a wall mounted quilt rack. So, I guess I can't say I don't have any quilts hanging on my walls. You would think that I would have lots of quilts everywhere, but I really don't. I don't even have one of my quilts on my bed. I have a quilt that I picked up in a store (I really, really love it). It was on sale and I couldn't have purchased the backing fabric for what I paid for the entire queen size quilt. It was crazy inexpensive and I really, really do love this quilt. {I have to tell this story on myself - every year at our Ogallala retreat we put out a quilt on our bed and Saturday afternoon, we have a quilt show and everyone walks around all the rooms and views the quilts. Well, I had purchased this one on the way to retreat one year and when I started making up my bed, I realized that I had left the quilt I planned to put on my bed at home. What luck! I just opened up the package, took off all the tags and voila! My bed quilt. Everyone loved it and thought I had made it. I couldn't lie and told everyone that commented about the quilt, the truth.}

I would still take that quilt with me to retreat if I didn't feel so guilty about not making this perfect quilt. Here's the part where I should go in there and take a picture of it to post here, but I am tired and don't really feel like it right now. (Not really. Okay, yes, I am tired, but in truth the dogs sleep on top of that quilt every night and it needs to be laundered this weekend. So, maybe I will one day post a picture of the "great" quilt.)

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