Saturday, April 16, 2011

yucky asthma

Back in February at our retreat, my friend, Kathy, had such problems with her asthma and had to take breathing treatment after breathing treatment. At the time, all I could think about was how long it had been since I had to take one. Sometimes I forget that I even have asthma. Everyday I take my Advair and Accolate and Zyrtec and that totally keeps my asthma under control. Well, this week has been a little hard for me to breathe. I don't know if all the smoke in the air from the surrounding fires has taken it's tole on my lungs or what, but last night I had to break out the breathing machine and take a treatment. Wow. What a difference. I was still coughing a bit, but it was different. I wasn't coughing up my lungs. However, I forget how that medicine can knock me for a loop. Not having had any for 6 or 8 months that first dose kind of zones me out. It makes me a little bit jittery and really sleepy. That can be a good thing if you are home and don't have to go anywhere which I didn't except to bed. I got up again at 5 this morning and took another treatment. My lungs are screaming at me. Maybe if I had broken down earlier this week and taken care of my lungs a little bit better and not tried to solely rely on my little rescue inhalers I wouldn't be so bad now. Do any of you do that? Put off taking medicine, going to the doctor, taking care of yourself until you are really, really sick and your body then starts to shut itself down so it can heal? I was so busy this past week that I knew I couldn't be sick so I pushed myself and now, this weekend, my body has taken over and is telling me I have to take time for myself. To let my lungs heal and my body and the meds to do their magic. So, since I need to slow it down, I am going to work on making another 12 x 12 for the 15 minute play challenge and just see what I can come up with. I have pieced some fabric together the last couple of nights and now I am going to cut it up and play - quietly and peacefully while drinking my coffee. (it also helps with the asthma)

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