Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm not Dreaming it's a White Christmas

Here's the view out my home office window!  It's been snowing since last night and is still coming down in large flakes even as I type this.  Most of you don't know how rare this is for us.  I can't remember the last time we had snow for Christmas.  It usually doesn't snow here in the desert until January, if at all.  We have had two really good snowfalls already this year.  The year of the drought.  It's great to not only see the snow, but look at the lake!  It's full once again.  Remember this picture from this summer? Okay, I can't seem to find the picture I took this summer.  It was probably that one that I deleted just a little bit ago of my screen, looking out the window.  I thought I had another one besides that one.  Okay, let me describe it for you.  Looking at the current picture, everywhere you see water, was brown, dried up lake bed.  I mean, everywhere.  There was no water at this end of the lake.  You could walk across the lake bed and I saw several people do just that!  Where you see white snow, picture it as dry, brown grass.  No rain, equals dry grass.  The bushes along the fence are purple sage, but with no rain, all you have a gray leaves - no purple flowers.  It was a bleak picture outside my window for many months.  The good thing about being so busy this summer was that I didn't have time to get depressed looking out my window. 

Now, is the time for me to get busy sewing.  I have three classes I am teaching in the early spring and one lecture I have to prepare for.  Thank goodness, one quilt top is totally finished, but it still needs to be quilted, if there is time.  I now have 9 blocks done for my retreat quilt and am debating whether to stop there or continue on to 20 blocks.  I have a few blocks done for my lecture quilts and need to add to those and put them into tops at the very least.  Finally, I need to finish my Inspiration quilt top and decide if I have time to get it quilted before April.  I have bits and pieces done, but nothing finished.  I can't blame the computer for distracting me since I haven't had it for several months.  I just need to focus and get going.  I need to set a plan, work on one thing at a time and not let other new projects distract me.  HaHa!!  I am always distracted by the new and fun project which is why I have such a nice collection of quilt tops.  I have quilted several quilts lately, but those are the small tops, some of which have been sitting around for more than a year.  (10+ years for the color wash quilt)  edit: oops!  didn't realize I hadn't posted pics on this one.  Made the center many, many years ago.  Then several years ago, I added the border.  I was planning on making a pillow out of it, but then I decided how to quilt it and put a hanger on it so now, it's a small wall hanging.  See it hanging off my yardstick? I came up with that system so I could photograph some of my small quilts. 

Okay, I know, get off this computer and go get busy.  But, first lunch!  Now to decide what to have?  This may take awhile.

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