Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am glad that all your comments show up in my e-mail and then I can reply to you from there.  I replied to one person, but then thought that the rest of you may have the same idea she had and I needed to make a public comment.  However, for some reason,  Blogger is not letting me see or make any comments. Soooo, here is what I wanted to say about the Stocking Swap: 
I won't match up anyone until December, just to be on the safe side. I would hate to have my "partner" sign up now and then drop out along the way. That would mean I wouldn't get a stocking and that is just not fair. So, I decided that only those left playing at the end will be matched to ensure a fair and equal trade.
To me, that is the only way to do this kind of year long swap. Also, since I have listed everything from the beginning, if you want to work ahead or if someone joins in around June, it is all just fine. the only thing that really matters, is if you have it all finished in December. And that you have fun doing the swap.

So, you won't swap your mug and rug now, keep it in a safe place (or box) and then add to the collection every month.  In December, you will pack up everything and mail it to the person, whose name I randomly draw for you.  I hope this helps clear up my muddy directions. 

Hope you are looking for that fun mug and pulling fabric to make a coordinating rug for it to sit upon.