Sunday, January 8, 2012

Owl Pot Holder

I made two owl pot holders this weekend.  I got the pattern from this Sew We Quilt posting by Bea .  I thought they were really cute and wanted to give them a try since one of the items to make this year for the swap was a pot holder.  I messed up the first time in layering them for the final finishing since I didn't really read through the entire posting.  Yes, I thought I could figure it out myself, I was wrong.  After I sewed all around one of the pot holders, I started to turn it and found out that it was going to have the batting on the outside instead of the cute owl.  I had to rip out those stitches, re-layer the correct way - no, I figured it out, I didn't go back and look up the original posting, and re-stitched around the outside.  I hand stitched the turning opening closed and stitched around all the appliques.  I had planned on changing colors for each applique item, but thought that I would just keep these for myself and used the light pink that I already had on my sewing machine to do the zigzag stitching.  It doesn't look too bad.  I did notice that the handle was not completely sewn in to the seam since I had to take it apart and put it back together so I just zigged over that - remember I had already decided to not give them away, so it didn't matter what it looked like.  And yet, it's still not bad! I only have one finished to show.  I will get the other finished this evening.  This is a cute, cute pattern and with a layer of insul-bright and warm and natural I can't wait to use it in my kitchen.