Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rugs and Bags

The last of the mug rugs have been completed for this month.  I re-did the rugs to go with this mug and I am much, much happier with this color combination.  I have two mugs just like this so I made two rugs. 

This last rug and mug combination was a great find!  I found them in the Christmas clearance isle with a bag of stale marshmallows stuck inside.  I just pulled those things out and threw them away and now, I have the perfect mug for a teachers gift or for someone that likes to draw.  This mug is a portable chalkboard and even comes with it's own stick of chalk.  So, of course the perfect rug had to be a larger chalkboard, bordered with a red/black and white plaid and either letters, numbers or both appliqued on the "board".  The picture below is an example of just one of the three rugs I made.   

Not only have I been making mug rugs, but I have also made some of these wonderful bags.  They are a little bit addictive and I have no idea, at this time, what I am going to do with them.  If you get a chance check out Jenni's tutorial and make some bags for yourself or your friends.


  1. Your bags are so cute.
    I love the mugs and rugs too!
    Can you add the link to the tutorial for the bags!