Monday, January 2, 2012

Retreat Quilt Top finished

My 9 block version of the retreat quilt with two borders.  It measures about 52 inches square.   A nice lap quilt size or table topper.  Thanks to Seth, one of my students for being the holder so I could take the picture. 

I am working on my BOM from the 15 minutes play site.  I noticed this past weekend that a picture of the finished top is due by January 18 (It is probably supposed to be the finished quilt, but if I can get my top finished by then, I will be lucky.  I made the first 6 blocks and then stopped.   I made two more on Friday or Saturday and last night I made a bunch of fabric so I could make two more.  This one should have 12 blocks in all and then I will have to get to figuring out how I want to put it all together.  Thank goodness we have MLK day off so I have a nice long weekend to work on it.  I will post more pictures later, but just to remind everyone which one I am talking about here is an old pic.

I am using batik scraps (because you know you can't throw those away) and gray backgrounds from dark, dark (rose) to really light (upper right star).  Even though I made the rose block the wrong size (I think I cut 6" instead of 6 1/2" .  I will add a border around it or put it on point maybe.  I really need to make all twelve blocks before I come to a decision.  Gotta go sew -

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