Monday, April 28, 2014

Current Projects and Questions

Here are two of the projects I worked on this weekend.   I am in a Kaffe Fassett Block exchange and this months person requested this pattern Counterspun by The Quilter's Cache/Marcia Hohn.  It is a paper pieced pattern and she requested that the two outer pieces be the same in each block making it appear that it is the background fabric that the panels are spinning on.  It is an easy fun paper piecing and I can't wait to see this one finished since each of us chose our own fabrics to use in each block so they are all really, really different.  I pieced these Sunday afternoon since they needed to get in the mail ASAP. 
Saturday I worked on this spiral quilt.  I already had the spiral paper pieced and added part of the pink border, but I didn't like it and it wouldn't turn the corners pretty so I picked it all off except for the inside part and started all over.  I was going to put some beads, but the ones I got to use on this quilt, I ended up not liking.  I thought they were way to chunky and heavy for this top.  (which is why I got them to begin with.  I liked the chunkiness)  I am trying to decide if I want to add more of the green on the outside making it look like it is offset.  (small border of green on top and left with larger border of the green on the bottom and right edge.  Then I would bind in the black with maybe a bit of the hot pink piping again.  I am still playing with this idea.  I am also playing with adding some beads after it is quilted.  Which is another dilemma for a later time.  It's not very large - the green background  is about the size of a fat quarter. 
I also added a dark brown border that is the same background fabric for the stars in my color challenge quilt.  That simple border grounds the quilt and gives it a finishing that it needed.  I don't have a picture of it since it is hanging on my fabric shelves and I can't get a clear picture.  If I can remember to bring it to school, I will get some students to hold it up so I can get a good picture.  Then I can post it here and on the 15 minute play website.   
 My mother is trying to work through and finish up UFOs from her quilting room and I decided I would try to do the same.  The color challenge was one of the first, this spiral is a second one and when I finish a third - don't know which one yet - I can start on something new.  I really, really wanted to start a new quilt this weekend, but I had to restrain myself and only work on re-writing the directions and trying to come up with a list of fabrics needed to make the quilt.  I won't tell you which one just yet, but it's a fun one.  So, what are you working on?  Do you have UFOs in your stash or are you one of those that only works on one quilt and finishes it before starting another one?  Do you take a class and finish that quilt before taking another class? 

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