Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spiral Top Done

I added the border around the spiral.  The difference in the two sides/top/bottom is minimal so you can't really tell until you study it that it is not symmetrical. 

Tonight, being Wednesday and my usual night to sew/quilt, I think I will piece together the strips for binding.  Last weekend, I cut about 20 strips of my black Kona fabric and pressed the corners to miter them together, but set them to the side to sew on the border of the color challenge quilt.  (still no completed picture of that one.  We have been busy cooking in class and haven't had time to take any pictures.) Now that I have my most pressing blocks done and these other two tops finished, I need to start putting on binding on at least two quilts that I have gotten back from Abby in the past year.  My goal is to have two quilts ready to present at family reunion at the end of May.  My dogs will like it since I can be downstairs on the couch with them to hand sew the binding down.  I really should push for three, but I am only setting my goal to two. 

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