Friday, December 12, 2014


I got Jingled!!  What is that?  At our school we like to change things up a bit and try new practices.  This years Christmas practice, instead of drawing names and giving several small and one large gift to a single person, we have been divided into two groups (we have a very small campus inside a larger campus.  We have a red group and a green group of about 6 or so people) and one person gives a gift to anyone on the - let's say green - list.  Then you put a jingle elf outside your door letting everyone know you have received a jingle gift and you have 24 hours to jingle someone else on the list.  The trick is to figure out who hasn't been jingled - the reason for the jingle elves.  No one is to know who jingles who (or is it whom? I always get this wrong).  The good thing is I have the entire weekend to gather together the gift I wish to give.  Plus make 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange on Monday, plus get together my finals for my classes, plus finish sewing that one last item on my stocking swap that I still haven't figured out what I want to do, plus . . . the umpteen million other things I need to do this weekend.  Thank goodness this jingle thing is the easiest.  Okay, what did I get?  I know you have all been chomping at the bit to see so . . .

It's an apple shaped canister that was filled with these marvelous Lindor truffles - they taste like coconut cream inside - they are to die for!!  I have never had them before.  AND Ferero Rocher.  I will confess I have already had two pieces this morning - okay two of each!  AND a wonderful Candlewishes soy candle in Creme Brulee.  I wish I had my candle warmer here so I could smell up my classroom.  (we can't light candles at school)  Speaking of which, it's time for me to start school today.  

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