Friday, December 26, 2014

Two New Tops

I am sitting here playing Candy Crush (don't hate me) and every time I begin this game (level 152) I forget that the sound of the boxes breaking sounds like my toe breaking and it makes me nauseous for the for a little while until I get used to that sound.  Speaking of which, how long should it take for a bone to heal?  It seems like it is taking forever for my toe to heal.  (it hasn't even been a month yet)  I don't think it took this long for my little toe to heal, but I have to remember that I shattered that toe back in the 70's and that every time I break it now, it is just the shattered pieces putting themselves back together in a hodge podge way to create some kind of stability in that toe.  I think I have broken that little toe about 6 times now.  The toe that it currently broken is the toe next to my big toe and it hurts!!  It has hurt since day one.  Sorry, didn't mean to start this out to make anyone else nauseous, too. 

What I did get on here to do was to post these two quilt tops.  I don't think I have posted them yet since I still had them on my camera and not in my computer files so here are the latest two tops I have completed.  A while back I asked for your opinion on which border you thought I should go with - the flowers or the plaid.  I only had one friend post and she said to go with the flowers.  That was the way I was leaning also so that is what I did.  This one I call Christmas Crosses and it was a lot of fun to put together.  I think I blogged about it here.  (hopefully I will go back through the blog and find the particular one in question and link it to the word here in the previous sentence.  Otherwise that sentence is useless)

This next one I have named Lovington Quilt.  This is from a $5.00 packet of fat quarters, some fabric from my stash and JoAnn's for the borders and here it is.  I think I blogged a bit about it here.  (see the part above about linking, etc.  Sorry if it doesn't get linked up, but it is 11:30 while I type this) 
Normally I like to start a new quilt this week or at the very least on New Year's day, but I am thinking that I really, really need to empty some tubs (so I can put new fabric in them) and get some of those blocks and partial blocks and projects finished up.  The last couple of days (okay - yes, it's been over a two day time period, but it has only been about 6 hours or so of actual working time) I have pulled one project out and finished up the blocks and they are now sewn into rows and then tomorrow I will put the rows together and try to find some fabric in my humongous stash to use for a border (or two or three).  This latest one was a jelly roll of very unusual fabrics that I picked up at Lovington two years ago on the first shop hop and there was no yardage at that store (I have checked several times in the last two years) and no yardage anywhere (at least not anywhere that I have found) that matches this fabric.  I can't remember the company, but I do remember it was one I had never heard about before.  I will hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow.  We will see how I figure out to do that.  Or like before, you may have to wait until I go back to school and I can hang them on my white board like the two above.  

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