Thursday, December 11, 2014

Food Truck

Last night I messed up my dates and ended up going to a local business, Home Made Wines, waiting on the others to show and of course, they didn't.  I was a week early!!  Have you ever done that before?  It is so embarrassing sitting at a table, having the waitstaff look at you.  Having the other patrons watching what this single person is doing.  She is not having a drink.  She is just sitting ther uncomfortably reading the wine menu, looking around the place.  However, the good side of this is that I discovered a food truck here in Odessa, Texas.  The name of the food truck is "Roosters" and they serve a Korean fusion style of food. 

Fusion meaning that they have a Korean style taco (Mexican food), Lettuce Wraps (Chinese food) and Pizza (Italian food).  I ordered the soft corn tacos with the beef and was blown away.  It was so delicious!  The sauce on the beef was sweet and tangy and full of flavor, but the touch of cilantro put it over the top!!  Apparently they are there almost every evening.  There being - in the Harrigan's parking lot over by the 7-11 and that new bar.  I encourage everyone to stop by there soon and take this delicious food to your family.  I can't wait to go back and get those tacos again or maybe try out that pizza.

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