Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stocking Swap Exchange

The plan was to go to the laundry mat today and finally wash those chef jackets and hats from school.  However, it's a rainy cold morning and I am not sure I want to get out into that mess.  Maybe a little bit later - or like this summer, not at all, LOL.  Yesterday, a few of us met up at McAllister's here in Odessa and exchanged our Stocking Swap goodies  There were only three of us participating thing year - which is good, more is better - but, the fun part was there were 4 others that came along just to eat, visit and see what all we made and got to take home. 

Even though it's raining, that sounded like ice hitting the window just now.  I don't think it is, considering we have been in the mid to upper sixties to lower 70's for about a week now, but wouldn't it be fun to have a bit (just a bit) of the white stuff for Christmas?  I know it won't stick or stay around unless we have some colder weather, but a girl can wish, can't she?  I only say this because I know I might not be getting out on Christmas day and therefore won't be driving in any of it. 

Back to my tale of Swapping.   We were there almost 3 hours visiting and swapping goodies and it was such a pleasure being "social" with my friends in another setting other than Bee.  Even though I love going to Bee Friends group, it was just another special time with just a few close friends.  Maybe the next time (if there is a next time - we will see at the end of 2015 if there are any interested parties for the 2016 year Swap.   I only host them in even years!) we will have more that want to participate and we have to "rent" out a room somewhere for a special party.  That would be sooo cool!!! 

Oh, yes, the swap. I know you are biting at the bit wanting to see pictures so, here are some of the stuff I made that was swapped.  First up is a pot holder.  This one I made a couple of years ago - I couldn't find one I had made more recently when I was wrapping the packages for the swap.  (more on that later).  This one is made with Christmas fabrics and is quilted as I stitched.  I was demo-ing for our group and made this one.  As you will see, Liz got my Swap goodies. 

 Next up is the mug and mug rug.  I got the mug at Tuesday Morning about a year ago and made this specifically for this swap.  I loved the little houses on the mug (changing stations at the beach) and decided to make a rug that matched or was a close match.  This one was fun to do.  I may have blogged about it back in January, but that was a long time ago, so here it is again.  The mug is a delicate cup and I suspect it will be used for hot tea and cider instead of coffee.

My journal cover was an "I am not wanting to do the current project, so let me just sew some stuff together" happenstance.  After sewing "stuff" together, I thought I could use that fabric to make my journal cover, so I did.  I really like the way this turned out.  I even had fun quilting it (large triangles that sometimes go all the way to the top and definitely cross over each other) That band of fabric goes all the way around the cover.  With this one you also give a nice pen and I gave her a sharpie pen that writes in turquoise ink.  This cover is made to go over the standard size college journal books that can be found almost anywhere so once she fills this one up, she can just take the book out and put in a new journal.  *note to self - make yourself a journal cover some day soon!!  

This is one of my favorite pillow covers of all time and I didn't even make it and I can't believe I gave it away!!  I love this one.  I acquired this cover one day when a bunch of goodies came into our group and it all needed to go to a nice home or get thrown out.  Of course, when I spotted this jewel, I knew it had to go home with me immediately!  I have never used it and have just admired and petted it for years, but when it came time to wrap up the gifts, the pillow cover I had originally made for this swap, just didn't want to leave my house and this one volunteered to go in it's place.  Thank you for the sacrifice and now I need to make me my very own bull's eye pillow cover.  (I think it secretly knew it would be going to Liz's home since she was part of the bull's eye party that helped me make my own bull's eye quilt)


The placemats, there are 4 of them, came about because I had this fat quarter stack of fabrics and thought that they would make lovely placemats.  They all have insulbright inside so you can place a hot plate on them if you need to.  Each one of them is unique since I didn't have a pattern, but just cut  up squares and rectangle willy nilly and sewed them together quilting as I went.  Some sections got added in chunks, but for the most part it is a flip, sew and quilt.  The binding is all sewn down by hand.  

Okay, I gave in and purchased a travel sewing kit.  I know, it's bad to give in to peer pressure all the time, but in this case, I am glad I did.  I found this lovely kit at The Sewing Cottage in Andrews and in each one of our boxes/bags we all got a store purchased travel kit.  It's not what I had originally planned for this swap, but it works.  I made a prototype of a sewing kit, but haven't put it to the test quite yet.  I will show it in a future posting and then discuss the pros and cons of it.  This sewing kit has a good size pair of scissors inside and Liz loved the clear plastic case so she could easily see what this zippered pouch contained.  (also in this picture are the placemats and pot holder)

I had picked up two needlepoint stockings at an estate sale that I was going to include in this swap, but since I knew the three people swapping were all single ladies, giving two stockings (even though they could give them to someone else) seemed like one too much and I think these should stay together.  So, I went to my box of made goodies and pulled a stocking I made a couple of years ago.  This one is made from leftover fabrics from a quilt I recently got back from the quilter.  (I probably should have kept this, also)  It's a good size stocking and fairly light weight since the only part that has any batting is the cuff.  (it is lined so when you stick your goodies inside it doesn't mess up your seams and come unstitched.  A bright colorful stocking to hang on your mantle.  

Last, but not least, of the pictures I took and didn't delete off my phone, are the pillow cases.  I loved this fabric when I was making these, but didn't have a place/person in mind and they have been sitting in my quilt room for a couple of years.  Here again, when it came time to wrap pillow cases, these jumped up and volunteered to go and they are perfect for Liz.  

Along with these items, Liz also received a book, some nuts and candy, a pin cushion and pins, an ornament and a bag.  I had some pictures of a few of these on my phone, but deleted them because I thought I had better pictures previously posted on my blog, but I apparently do not.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time I will think sooner to get my phone out and take pictures of everyone's goodies.  Sometime this week I will post pictures of what I received (it's all still in the box).  
I think I am ready to post this.  I hope that it hasn't messed up with bits inside other bits of writing.  It has been randomly moving things around and deleting other items while I am typing (one of the pitfalls of typing on a laptop)   It deleted entire sections at one point and if it hadn't saved it on it's own, you wouldn't have anything to read at all.  Merry Christmas to everyone!

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