Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday's Sewing

I have been sewing and watching some football today. Here is the layout I decided to use with my fan blocks from the Ogallala Ceta Canyon retreat.

The instructions called for 8 fabrics for controlled blocks and 16 for a more scrappy look. I only intended to make 1 fan block so I grabbed up a stack of fat quarters that I had laying around. I had picked them up at a quilt store on the way to family reunion a couple of years ago for a dollar each. They were a great find. I am usually not a fan of the fan block and machine applique, but I wanted to give it a try. I ended up making 10 blocks. They were fast and easy. My choices at that point were to make some more blocks or stop. Since I was running out of the black fabric. I stopped there. I knew I could just make a 9 block quilt/table topper or use them as the middle of a larger quilt or I could make more blocks later. I decided to make some funky stars since I didn't need a 12 1/2" square of black to make those. I made several 6 inch stars and tried putting them all over and around seeing how I liked it. I didn't. So, I made a 12 inch star. Still didn't like it. You see how my Saturday has been going? I didn't make any blocks today. I just played with the placement. Over and over and over until I came up with this one. Now, I need to decide if I want to add any more. I am thinking not. Not even a black border. I think I will leave it as is and call it done. 36" X 48"

Here is the other thing I have been working on this Saturday, my blocks I made in our Art Quilters Guild back in the spring.

I couldn't decide whether to offset these blocks or mirror them. I am pleased so far with the results. Our past challenge for the Ceta Canyon retreat was black and white and one color. I was going to get this made and add in some dusty rose fabric somewhere. I may still add in the rose color. Or, I may add in some more fusible pattern in the borders. It needs to stay on the wall and grow on me a little bit more.

What have you done this Saturday? Now it's time to take the baby outside again for the 4th or 5th time today. He is getting really good at doing all his business outside. Also, my other two are tolerating him a bit more everyday. Well, they are at least not running off after 1 second. Now they are up to 4 seconds. Baby Steps.

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